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Zionists bomb hospital for disabled, mosques and homes

Crescent International

The Israeli war criminal Benhamin Netanyahu, with backing from western rulers, has rejected calls for a ceasefire as his murderous attacks continue against defenceless Palestinian population in Gaza. Even centres for the disabled and mosques are not spared.

Beirut, Crescent-online
Saturday July 12, 2014, 17:57 DST

The zionists have intensified their attacks on besieged Gaza, emboldened by widespread support from western rulers that have given them carte blanch to commit mass murder.

In a direct missile strike on a rehabilitation centre for the disabled in Gaza today, at least four people were killed and dozens injured. The dead included three disabled persons and a nurse.

Others suffered severe burns as they were rushed to hospital, according to video footage released by Reuters. Medical staff at al-Shifa Hospital have been overwhelmed by the number of casualties.

“Most of the casualties we are seeing here are, overwhelmingly, civilians. It really is a horrendous scene,” Stephani Dekker of Al-Jazeera reported. People are absolutely terrified. The hospitals are having issues with the lack of materials to deal with the people coming in.”

In the five-day Israeli onslaught that is continuing, at least 950 people have been injured. Hospitals are running low on many essential medical supplies.

In Beit Lahiya, two young disabled girls were killed in an overnight missile strike at a charitable association for the disabled, the French news agency, AFP reported.

A mosque in al-Nusarirat, central Gaza was also destroyed in the overnight raids.

Three men were killed in a bomb that targeted At-Tuffah neighborhood in Gaza City. They were identified as Ibrahim Nabil Hamada, Hasan Ahmad Abu Ghush and Ahmad Mazen al-Bal’awy.

According to a spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qidra, it took several hours to identify the three men because their bodies had been torn apart by the missile. They were taken to Shifa hospital.

The death toll from five days of Zionist attacks has climbed to 151 and hundreds have been injured. In one case, a family of 7 was killed when a missile hit their home.

The UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would press ahead with his aggression.

Dismissing any calls for a ceasefire, Netanyahu said: “No international pressure will prevent us acting with all our force against a terror organisation that is calling for our destruction. We will continue to forcefully attack anyone who is trying to hurt us.”

His rejection of a ceasefire was announced even before the Security Council resolution was passed but immediately after a phone conversation with US President Barack Obama who offered to mediate a ceasefire.

The real terrorist is Netanyahu and his enablers that should all be put on trial for war crimes.

The Zionist war criminals are targeting houses, mosques, public property, infrastructure, and even parks and sports clubs, as well as agricultural land, power lines and drinking water infrastructure.

They are using US-supplied planes, missiles, artillery and gunboats firing from the sea.

The explosions are causing terror among the population, especially children that constitute about half of Gaza’s population.

There is deafening silence from the illegitimate Arabian regimes as well as the just-announced so-called Khilafah and the self-styled leader of ‘all Muslims.’ He and his cohorts are too busy killing and slaughtering Muslims to spare even a thought for the suffering Palestinians.


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