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Zionist terrorists storm al-Aqsa Mosque as Muslim worshippers locked inside

Crescent International

Zionsit mob desecrating the Holy Sanctuary

Zionist terrorists stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque earlier today and later marched through Al-Quds/Jerusalem shouting “Death to Arabs”.

A howling mob of several hundred zionists, protected by heavily-armed Israeli police, illegally stormed the Aqsa Compound while zionist occupation forces locked up Muslim worshippers inside the Masjid.

This was done to prevent the Palestinian worshippers from challenging the zionist thugs that were illegally trespassing on the sacred site.

Asplinter group of the zionist mob also started waving flags inside Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Others prayed at the mosque compound in violation of a longstanding agreement in place since 1967.

Following these provocative and aggressive acts of vandalism and desecration, thousands of zionists stormed the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem.

What is referred to as the ‘flag march’, is held to mark Israel’s occupation of eastern part of the city in 1967.

It was under Jordan’s control but Jordanian troops fled without putting up a fight to defend the holy city that houses the Holy Sanctuary.

The zionist regime has illegally occupied the entire city and calls it its capital.

This is not internationally recognized but no western regime has confronted the zionists’ illegal encroachment and occupation.

As the zionist mob marched through the Old City shouting “Death to Arabs”, it also assaulted Palestinians.

Aida Saidawi, in her 50s, and an Old City resident and activist, was attacked by the zionists.

She was also pepper-sprayed resulting in her being taken to hospital for treatment.

Enraged by the zionist mob attacks, the Palestinians were forced to react.

With their bare hands they tried to prevent the zionists from attacking the unarmed and defenceless Palestinian civilians but they were no match for the thugs and their heavily-armed police contingent supporting them.

At least 15 Palestinians were wounded in Al-Quds/Jerusalem (Old City) and the surrounding area, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said.

The Zionist occupiers also used tear gas against Palestinians both at the Aqsa compound as well as in the streets of the Old City.

The zionists also tried to prevent journalists from video recording these attacks on Palestinians.

Videos showed the zionist mob obstructing journalists in Al-Quds and clashing with Palestinians.

The PRCS reported that its medics were assaulted by police near the Damascus Gate while they attempted to reach the wounded.

On May 11, Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was specifically targeted and shot and killed outside Jenin.

Even her funeral procession was attacked resulting in her casket nearly falling to the ground.

The repeated zionist attacks and illegal encroachment on Al Aqsa Compound are meant to normalize such activities.

This part of their policy of creeping annexation.

It must be resisted not only by Palestinians but by all Muslims and indeed all justice-loving people everywhere.

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