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Howling zionist mob sets fire to UNRWA office in occupied East Jerusalem

Crescent International

The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), has been forced to shut down its headquarters in Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem).

The move came after a howling mob of zionist terrorists, many of them armed, set fire to the compound’s perimeter on May 9.

The zionist mob burned trees and grass on the building’s property, according to the Palestinian news outlet Wafa.

The zionist mob attack followed months of harassment and intimidation of UN staff at the compound.

The zionist thugs threatened the UN staff with guns.

While the UN agency reported the threats and intimidation to Israeli authorities on numerous occasions, the occupation regime has taken no action.

UNRWA’s building is located in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) where the illegal zionist squatters routinely attack Palestinians.

Scores of Palestinian families have been forcibly evicted from their homes that are now occupied by the illegal squatters.

Referring to the arson attack on the UNRWA headquarters, Philippe Lazzarini, head of the agency, said the fire caused “extensive damage”.

“It took the Israeli fire fighters and police a while before they turned up”.

The delay was deliberate.

“This is an outrageous development,” said Lazzarini.

UNRWA staff members were present at the headquarters, and worked to put out the fire and stop it from spreading.

Israeli occupation forces reportedly were also present at the site but didn’t prevent the settlers from starting the fires, according to Wafa.

Video footage shared on social media shows the zionist mob cheering in the background.

Lazzarini said that the attack has forced him to shut down the compound, given the ongoing security risk to staff members of the UN agency.

“Our director with the help of other staff had to put out the fire themselves as it took the Israeli fire extinguishers and police a while before they turned up,” said Lazzarini.

The European Foreign Policy chief Joseph Borrell also condemned the attack and demanded that Israel hold the perpetrators accountable.

Israel’s underwriter and financier, the US, has remained mum so far.

In January, the zionist regime accused several UNRWA staff members in Gaza of belonging to Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad.

It further alleged that they had participated in the operations launched by Hamas on October 7.

UNRWA suspended the staff members and ordered an investigation.

The investigation was led by former French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna.

Three Nordic research institutes supported her in the research.

They found that Israel had failed to support its allegations about UNRWA staff belonging to either Hamas’s military wing or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Following the Israeli allegation, almost all western regimes led by the US and Britain, suspended funding to UNRWA.

It put at serious risk the lives of millions of Palestinians in Gaza.

The zionist regime, dominated by “irresponsible lunatics”, in the words of Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid, has demanded that the world must accept its allegations.

Asking for proof is ‘anti-semitism’!

Fed up with zionist non-cooperation, UNRWA dropped theinvestigation against several of its staff members.

A number of western countries, among them Denmark, resumed UNRWA’s funding, although not to the same level as before.

The US, that underwrites all zionist crimes has not done so.

Instead, it has supplied more than $14 billion in bombs and other munitions so that the zionists can continue their genocide of Palestinians uninterrupted.

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