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Zionist snake-pit heads for another election, likely as inconclusive as earlier ones

Crescent International

The unholy alliance of Bennett and Lapid collapsed in the zionist snake pit forcing another election on October 25. Led by racists and bigots, the zionist entity is heading for extinction

The illegitimate zionist entity will go through another election ritual on October 25 in hopes of throwing up a regime with a majority in parliament.

It will be the fifth round in three and a half years.

Ordinarily, this would be considered a sign of healthy democracy but it is anything but.

If elections were the answer to its problems, zionist Israel would have solved all of them by now.

That this is not the case is because of the fact that it is a deeply divided society.

Had it not been for the Palestinians who are forever demonized and projected as the “enemy”, the zionists would be literally drinking each other’s blood.

To understand this better, the outgoing regime dubbed the “change government”, lasted precisely for a year and a week.

It was an unlikely coalition of Naftali Bennett, a right-wing racist and self-confessed Arab-hater (“I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life and there’s no problem with that”), and a centrist Yair Lapid.

The latter takes over as interim prime minister for four months until elections in October.

The coalition was formed to prevent Benjamin Netanyahu, another vile creature and as criminally-minded as Bennett, from becoming prime minister again.

Israeli elections keep throwing up ever more racists and bigots sending them into the Knesset (the Israeli parliament).

This reflects the broader racism prevalent in the Israeli society.

Hatred of Palestinians is inbred through the educational system as well as incessant propaganda on television and radio.

Not surprisingly, killing Palestinians including children is so routine.

The zionist occupation army, police and illegal squatters (aka settlers) continue to kill Palestinians.

The year 2021 was the deadliest for Palestinian children since 2014, according to Defence of Children International.

There is no accountability for such crimes. The occupiers’ court system provides justifications for such killings by exonerating the zionist perpetrators.

It is not surprising. The judges emerge from the same swamp that produces the other lowly creatures of this criminal enterprise.

The other feature of the zionist entity is militarism.

It is the most militarized entity in the world.

Stealing the Palestinians’ lands is an established feature of its existence.

It matters not which party or coalition is in power—rightist or centrist—they both agree on forcibly evicting Palestinians from their lands and destroying or taking over their homes.

Take the case of the just-failed “unity government”.

During its one-year tenure in power, attacks on Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah escalated to evict them from their homes.

Home demolitions of Palestinians have continued as have encroachments on Masjid al Aqsa, one of the most sacred places in Islam.

More than 1,000 Palestinians of Masafer Yatta are being evicted, through a court order, no less, to make room for a military training zone.

The Jenin refugee camp has been under siege for months with the zionists indiscriminately killing Palestinians.

Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh was shot by an Israeli sniper on May 11 just outside the Jenin camp despite her clearly marked vest identifying here as a “Journalist”.

The UN Rapporteur on Palestine, Francesca Albanese, described the killing as a “potential war crime”.

Even her funeral procession was attacked.

There is no limit to zionist criminality.

Zionist politicians of all stripes compete with each other to see who can be more racist and anti-Palestinian.

For instance, Knesset member Itamar Ben-Gvir has openly called for “expulsion of the Arab enemy”.

He has been leading squatters through Al Quds (Jerusalem) chanting “death to Arabs”!

Zionists of all stripes are card carrying members of the fraternity of racists and bigots.

Ben-Gvir is not the only one chanting “death to Arabs”.

In the just-ended coalition regime, deputy minister Matan Kahana, recently wished he had a magic button that could peacefully send all ‘Palestinian citizens of Israel to Switzerland’.

Elections or not, zionist Israel remains an apartheid state.

It makes not an iota of difference who is in power.

Life for the Palestinians continues to be one of misery, oppression, killings, home demolitions and evictions.

Unless the racist ideology of zionism is defeated and abolished, regrettably, there will be no peace in the holy land.

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