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Will the US put Bandar on its terror watch list?

Crescent International

By common consent, Saudi intelligence chief and former ambassador to Washington Dc, Bandar bin Sultan, is a nasty character. He has now been named as being deeply involved in the 911 conspiracy. Who else from his contacts within the ruling circle in America and Israel are involved? Would Bandar end up on the US terror watch list for his role in the 911 attacks?

Washington DC, Crescent-online
December 23, 2013, 19:07 EST

Have Bandar bin Sultan’s nine lives run out? Currently chief of Saudi intelligence, his deep involvement in the 911 attacks is becoming the subject of intense debate in Washington ruling circles.

While it is well known that 15 of the 19 hijackers, on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001, were Saudis, what has been less talked about, at least in US ruling circles is the role played by Bandar bin Sultan who was then Saudi ambassador to Washington.

It has now been established that an official from the Saudi embassy in Washington DC had arranged accommodation in San Diego for two of the alleged hijackers and that Bandar’s wife had wire transferred at least $73,000 to them prior to 911. Also, Bandar had arranged through his close connections with then President George W Bush to pick up all of the Bin Laden family members from across the US and fly them out when no planes were allowed to take off or land in the US.

Even these details pale into insignificance when viewed against the backdrop of the sudden re-opening of investigations and lawsuits surrounding the Saudi regime’s role in the 911 attacks. The nearly $1 trillion lawsuits by family members of 911 victims were dismissed by a US court in 2002 under the “Sovereign immunity” plea.

In the changed political environment in the Muslim East (aka the Middle East), two Congressmen—Republican Representative Walter Jones and Democrat Stephen Lynch—have called for the declassification of the 2002 “Joint Inquiry Into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

The changes have to do with US refusal to attack Syria in a framed chemical attack last August that was carried out by agents linked with Bandar. Following Barack Obama’s refusal to attack Syria, as Bandar and the Saudi ruling family had hoped, Bandar was furious.

He threatened to go it alone in Syria. And he has but that is not what the US is willing to go along with. As the US and its western allies adopt a cautious approach to Syria, not because they love Bashar al-Asad but because what may follow later—the takfiri/al-Qaeda terrorists—is not something that they want to see. Libya has given them second thoughts.

The West’s changed attitude has forced the Saudis into even closer embrace of the Zionists. They were always close but had kept their links hidden otherwise it would have undermined the Saudis’ claim to being leaders of the “Muslim” world. The Saudi-zionist alliance is now out in the open.

The renewed focus on 911 attacks and who was behind them has made Bandar vulnerable. Congressmen Jones and Lynch have both said they were “absolutely shocked” by the report. According to them, one or more foreign states were deeply involved in the 9/11 attacks. One of them is clearly Saudi Arabia through its then ambassador in Washington, Bandar bin Sultan.

The Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI, has also been fingered and its then chief, General Mahmoud Ahmed, was unceremoniously dismissed by then Pakistani dictator, General Perevez Musharraf. It was discovered that on orders from General Ahmed, Omar Sheikh Muhammad was wired $100,000. Omar Sheikh Muhammad is the nephew of the self-confessed mastermind of 911 Khalid Sheikh Muhammad. He is currently languishing in Guantanamo Bay.

While Khalid Sheikh Muhammad’s confessions were undoubtedly extracted under torture—he was waterboarded 183 times—Bandar’s role in the 911 attacks in not in doubt.

As a federal court re-opens the 911case against the Saudis, the spotlight is going to be on Bandar. It would be wrong to assume that Bandar alone was responsible for this. There are many in the US, especially those linked to Bush, as well as the Israelis that were involved in the 911 conspiracy.

While Americans and the Israelis are unlikely to be touched, Bandar is a soft target and may end up on the US terror watch list. That would be a remarkable turn of events if it should it come to pass. And few would shed any tears for him.


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