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Who’s Backing Trump—And Will They Yield to Protests… or Hijack Them?

Kevin Barrett

In June, US president Donald Trump melted down in the midst of the coronavirus disaster and anti-racism protests—cowering in the White House basement, tweeting out encouragement to shoot “looters”. He pretended that the economy has recovered so it’s “a great day for America”. And he launched his official campaign in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 20 to an auditorium full of empty seats as his poll numbers imploded and his fundraising was eclipsed by that of his presumptive opponent, Joe Biden.

Trump fell behind Biden by five points in key swing states and almost ten points nationally. His campaign appeared dead in the water, and his “walk of shame” after the Tulsa debacle became an internet meme.

Has the billionaire oligarchy that rules America given up on Trump? Have they decided that Trump’s racism-flavored fake populism and hollow nationalism no longer serve their interests? Will they move to shore up their control of the nation, and their bid for control of the world, by operating through the Democratic Party that they own and operate against the wishes of the majority of its voters?

As of late June, it appears likely that the Trump era will end in November. The clownish narcissist-in-chief has lost several advantages he enjoyed six months ago: strong economy, a big advantage in fundraising, an ideological climate in which his barely-veiled racism was acceptable, and a general aura of quasi-legitimacy that emerged unscathed from the Democrats’ inept impeachment hearings. But despite the cascade of disasters, Trump still retains most of his core financial and ideological supporters. Let’s examine who they are, and what that says about Trump’s potential to make a comeback and secure another term.

Trump’s most important supporters are the people who write him hyuuuuuu-uuuuge checks—five, six, seven, eight, or even in the case of Sheldon Adelson nine figures each. (Actually, Adelson may not have handed Trump the entire 100 million to 200 million dollars as a single check, but he might as well have.)

So, who are these people?!

Let’s begin with Adelson, who rules Las Vegas. Adelson is primary heir to Bugsy Siegel, who founded Las Vegas on behalf of then-head of all organized crime in the Western hemisphere, Meyer Lansky. (If you didn’t know that people with Zionist views, not Italians, rule organized crime, read the books of Michael Collins Piper beginning with Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy alongside Ron Unz’s article “American Pravda: the Power of Organized Crime.”)

Adelson, the biggest contributor to the Republicans, like Haim Saban, the Israeli-American who is the biggest contributor to the Democrats, is a “one issue guy and my issue is Israel.” But Adelson is even more radically Zionist than Saban. Unlike somewhat saner Zionists (if the term “sane Zionist” is not an oxymoron) Adelson thinks the undisguised theft of Jerusalem al-Quds and the West Bank, and a big war with Iran, will be good for Israel. Trump’s pro-Zionist lunacy, including the move of the US Embassy to Occupied al-Quds, the dead-on-arrival “Steal of the Century,” and the declaration of war on Iran through the cowardly ambush of General Qassem Soleimani, were among the favors Trump owed mob boss Adelson. (Reports that Adelson has recently dialed down his support for Trump at the behest of his wife Miriam, a psychiatrist who is said to have noticed that Dr. Bandy Lee is right about Trump’s mental illness, unfortunately do not presage any changes in Trump’s ham-fisted approach to Occupied Palestine.)

Trump has also taken money from, and dispensed favors to, the billionaire class as a whole. According to Forbes Magazine Trump has accepted donations from nearly one in ten American billionaires. In return, Trump has presided over what has become the biggest wealth transfer from the poor and middle class to the rich in the history of the world. Even before the $7 trillion coronavirus stimulus package, virtually all of which went to wealthy people and the banks and corporations they own, Trump had been stealing from the poor by defunding social services and lavishing money on the super-rich through tax cuts among other measures. Given those policies, the greediest and stingiest among the billionaire class are natural Trump backers.

One of those ultra-greedy, ultra-stingy billionaires, Geoff Palmer, currently heads Trump’s donor list. The Palmer real estate swindlers, despite their deceptive name, are West Coast equivalents of the Kushners. Prospect.org points out: “The elder Palmer was born Dan Weissinger in Hungary in 1920, but gave himself a more WASPish-sounding name, apparently to avoid the stigma of being identified as Jewish.” (Why would being Jewish be a stigma?) Palmer/Weissinger, who has been convicted of political money laundering, is also notorious for using his connections to get away with illegally demolishing historic landmarks, violating affordable housing laws, and littering Los Angeles with cheap, tawdry, gargantuan, grossly substandard faux-Renaissance buildings. Palmer’s garish, shoddy edifices are so hideous that the entire city of Los Angeles cheers when they burn to the ground: “When an arsonist burned down an in-progress Palmer development called the Da Vinci in late 2014 (Palmer was sued by the city for not having adequate fire protection on the site), local news sites more or less rejoiced.” In other words, Palmer puts up such shoddy buildings that when he burns them down himself for the insurance money, such “Zionist lightning strikes” are cheered as urban beautification efforts and admirable acts of philanthropy.

Such are the people who created Donald Trump as a front man to launder money for the neo-cons. Does the name Roy Cohn ring a bell? Not for nothing is Trump Tower the North American headquarters for the “Russian” mob.

Bottom line: A disproportionate fraction of Trump’s financial support is coming from the Zionist organized crime, not just the US-based mob, but also the larger global syndicate based in Russia and Israel, whose current capo di tutti capi (shef fun ale bosses in Yiddish, i.e. “boss of all bosses”) is Semion Mogilivech. This fact should give us pause. What it means is that the world’s wealthiest, most powerful, most networked, and most talented criminals may be called upon to stage dirty tricks on behalf of Trump. Assassinations, false flags, agents provocateurs, Epstein-style pedophilic blackmail, social media manipulation, computerized election theft—nothing is beyond these people. The only question is how badly they want Trump to remain in office.

One unfortunately plausible scenario: The Black Lives Matter protests could be hijacked by paid provocateurs who will instigate riots and looting, commit telegenic crimes in “autonomous zones,” and generally create the impression that things have gotten out of hand, and that only an authoritarian strongman like Trump can save the day. Though the majority of Americans sympathized with the protests when they began in early June, if the riots and criminality continue through November, the novelty will eventually wear off, and public sentiment could shift in favor of a Trump-ordered crackdown.

Trump thrives on chaos and polarization. He got elected by selling the notion that America is falling apart and that only a “strong” figure like himself could “make America great again.” So will the narcissist-in-chief and his Zionist backers deliberately create the conditions of extreme chaos that might convince American voters to embrace Trump’s most authoritarian instincts and hand the president a second term—perhaps one freed from the vestigial Constitutional restraints that have impeded him, thus far, from seizing the absolute power he so obviously craves, and staying out of prison in the bargain?

Currently, the top ranks of the US military—the only organization with the raw power to prevent such a scenario—seem to be saying “no.” But quite a bit can happen between June and November. Though the odds currently favor a Biden presidency, which would simply represent a different flavor of national disaster, another less extreme way station on the decadent empire’s road to collapse, only the most naïve observers would completely rule out the possibility that Generalissimo Trump could still become the last president and dictator-for-life of the former United States of America.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 49, No. 5

Dhu al-Qa'dah 10, 14412020-07-01

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