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What the new US-Iran deal might look like

Crescent International

The Western political establishment and its media arms are attempting to normalize the notion of a new deal between the US regime and Islamic Iran in a clumsy fashion, as if the JCPOA has expired.

While it is highly unlikely that Tehran would accept renegotiation of the JCPOA which the US violated, there are some additional stipulations that Iran could push for, especially in the human rights arena, now that we are talking about renegotiations.

Given the US’s very high and disturbing rape statistics, systemic racism, extra-judicial detention and political corruption, Tehran would significantly boost its international standing if it were to demand as part of the JCPOA deal for the Biden regime to grant basic rights to US citizens.

While the Iranian society also faces numerous problems, hard data shows that American secularism outperforms Iran in all the listed and most non-listed vices.

Thus, why wouldn’t Tehran push for an additional stipulation to the JCPOA to be more Sharia-compliant?

That decision is for the leadership in Iran to make but as analysts, we can look at the realities of this approach.

As the Western corporate media arrogantly peddles the narrative that Washington should use the opportunity to squeeze more concessions from Iran, Tehran understands that the West-centric global order is no more.

Any attempt by the Biden regime and its surrogates to pretend that the world is not multipolar makes Washington look like a bad poker player whose bluff is evident to all other players.

It is clear that America is going through immense internal and external challenges.

As a country of immigrants, it can significantly benefit from Iran’s deep-rooted philosophical and intellectual Islamic tradition.

America is a society based on a mishmash of ideas, cultures and ethnicities.

It will be able to absorb Islam’s intellectual and cultural framework due to its inherently cosmopolitan nature.

The reason Muslims were able to expand their presence from Indonesia to Morocco was primarily due to Islam’s logical balance between its principled aspects and dynamism of its jurisprudence.

Thus, Americans should not fear that if the Biden regime accepts Iran’s additional Sharia compliant stipulations to the JCPOA, the US society will lose its indigenous character.

Fast food is not haram, and Islam respects private capital and private ownership.

There will be no clash of civilizations.

Considering that in 2021, soft-power plays as great a role as hard-power, it may be a lot easier for Islamic Iran to ensure that the Biden regime accepts additional Sharia compliant stipulations to the JCPOA.

For four years Donald Trump unmasked the US regime’s demonic nature. It has significantly eroded Washington’s soft power.

This was clearly exposed when the US imposed sanctions on Iran’s Islamic Al-Mustafa International University.

It seems Harvard and MIT can’t challenge an Islamic university at the intellectual level so Washington had to resort to the crude tactic of sanctions.

The world would be a better place if American billionaires would not fight an unnecessary battle which will further drain their country’s resources.

If Iran proposes additional Sharia compliant stipulations to the JCPOA, the Biden regime should accept them.

Tens of millions of people are homelessness in the US; 2.3 million are in prison and some 50 million live in poverty.

Iran has been under severe sanctions for four decades yet it has managed to increase its geopolitical influence, improved its healthcare, increased domestic manufacturing and literacy.

There is clearly a lot to learn from the Islamic system in Iran.

May be the wisest course the Biden regime can adopt in its first year in office is to stop wasting time and resources and invite Iran’s Islamic scholars to reform America’s crumbling system.

Muslims are always willing to help others. That is what our faith teaches us.

And, Joe, if you are reading this, it’s ok to admit weakness.

Most people will respect you for that.

Weakness is part of human nature!


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