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Israel blackmails US with threats of regional war

Crescent International

The recent Israeli hype about attacking Islamic Iran has a lot do with the US rather than Iran itself.

On January 26, Israeli army chief, Lieutenant-General Aviv Kochavi stated that “in light of this fundamental analysis, I have instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare a number of operational plans, in addition to those already in place. It will be up to the political leadership, of course, to decide on implementation but these plans need to be on the table. A return to the 2015 nuclear agreement, or even if it is a similar accord with several improvements, is bad and wrong from an operational and strategic point of view.”

First, if Israel had the capacity or political will to attack Iran and was prepared to face the blowback, it would have done so years ago.

It especially had an opportunity during the regime of Donald Trump, which would have provided Israel with far greater political cover.

Second, what Kochavi said is routine military protocol.

Militaries regularly update and make plans for potential engagements, even against their allies.

This is an ordinary bureaucratic aspect of military ativity.

Third, Israel knows that it cannot conduct military aggression against Iran without taking Hizbullah into consideration.

Thus, if Israel had the political will and the capacity to absorb a response which would come from Iran and its allies, it would first attack Hizbullah and try to degrade its challenge to Israel.

The Islamic resistance in Lebanon is located right at the doorsteps of occupied Palestine and will not sit idle if Israel carries out direct military aggression on Iran.

This is a geopolitical axiom that needs no elaboration.

Since 2006, Israel has avoided head-on confrontation with Hizbullah.

Israeli-Hizbullah confrontations of the past 15 years have been within the framework of a cold-war through minimal direct engagement.

Since Israel is clearly not in a position to cross Hizbullah’s political and military redlines, it is certainly not capable of carrying out a direct attack on Iran.

Third, if Israel attacks Iran, it is most likely to receive a disproportionate response.

Tehran knows that NATO regimes and most importantly their societies are not ready to become Israel’s cannon fodder.

Prolonged military engagement on the Zionist side will not go down favorably among American and European citizens.

After the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani, Islamic Iran carried out surgical strikes against two US military bases in Iraq which resulted in 109 US soldiers being injured.

No state entity had ever dared strike US military bases in the past.

Even at the height of the Cold War, the Soviet Union never dared to do so.

Israel is not America. The political and ideological dynamics of engaging Israel are quite different.

Therefore, if Tehran was able to obliterate two US military bases, Israel will be held to far greater account for a strike on Iranian territory.

The Zionist rulers know this well and therefore have not dared to attack Iran directly.

The latest talk and media hype about Israel “planning” to attack Iran, although now toned down, are aimed mainly at the new regime in the White House.

The Zionist entity and its lobby are using the “attack” slogan to make sure that Joe Biden’s regime does not engage Iran to lift sanctions and ease the economic aggression.

Israel is hoping that by hyping regional tensions it can blackmail the new regime to maintain Trump’s failed political course against Iran.

Direct military confrontation against Islamic Iran is out of the question and to make up for this disadvantage, the Zionists are increasing their pressure on the US.

Why should US citizens be held hostage for another entity’s objectives is a question that American citizens should ask of US politicians.

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