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Week In Review

Western Media Twists Imam Sayed Khamenei’s Speech

Responding to the cynical US announcement to “help” Islamic Iran in its battle against the coronavirus, the Rahbar, Imam Sayed Khamenei stated that the US is in no position to help itself with the coronavirus and Washington’s criminal history in Iran makes it an untrustworthy party.

Imam Khamenei also said that given the accusations that the US caused the out-break of coronavirus, they can’t be trusted at all. While Imam Khamenei simply stated a possibility of the US being behind the coronavirus, given Chinese accusations, the corporate Western media and their regional outlets like Al Jazeera immediately twisted his words and presented his statement as a propagation of a “conspiracy” theory, as if state entities never conspire.

It should also be noted that Médecins Sans Frontier team which arrived in Iran a few weeks ago, had nothing useful for Iran. Just a team of doctors with 50 inflatable beds. IRGC had built a 300-bed hospital just the day before. Iran needed ventilators and other equipment that was never sent.

(Courtesy: www.khamenei.ir)

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