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UK parliament rejects Syria war motion

Crescent International

British MPs mustered enough courage and common sense to reject David Cameron's motion to launch a war, this time against Syria. Aware of public weariness with wars that have caused havoc with the lives of ordinary people, the MPs, some from Cameron's own Tory party, rejected the motion leaving him humiliated. Cameron will not be able to join his American master in a new war.


August 29, 2013, 19:07 EDT

British Prime Minister David Cameron received a hard slap from the parliament this evening when by a vote of 285 to 272, MPs rejected his call to authorize military action against Syria over its alleged used of chemical weapons.

While Thursday's vote is non-binding, the rejection by MPs to endorse the call to war has tied Cameron’s hands. He was hoping to join the American warmongers for whom Britain has historically played second fiddle. A stunned Cameron could hardly conceal the humiliation that he and his party have suffered. The rejection was also joined by a number of Tory backbenchers that felt they have had enough wars.

US President Barack Obama’s threats to attack Syria also suffered a setback at the UN Security Council where the five permanent members were deadlocked and left the meeting without agreeing to any resolution. UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon also said today that the UN inspectors needed until Saturday to complete their task of investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria and that more time was needed.

The UN mission is to determine the use of chemical weapons. The Syrian government vehemently denies using them especially at a time when UN inspectors were staying at a hotel only 15 miles from where the attack occurred. The government of Bashar al-Asad has accused the rebels of using these weapons in order to provoke the US into attacking Syria.

The two other European heavy weights—France and Germany—have also back-tracked from joining the military attack. In a meeting with Ahmed Jarba, head of the Syrian opposition group, French President Francois Hollande said he would work toward a political solution to the Syrian crisis. He also chastised the opposition for being disunited and being unable to present a credible government so far.

When surveyed, 55% of French would support a UN endorsed military strike but 59% opposed it if France were involved. The feeling on the streets of London was equally opposed to war. People said the two previous wars—in Afghanistan and Iraq—had shown that they do not achieve results, only cause casualties and from their perspective, cost huge sums of money that can be better spent on people’s needs.

These political setbacks notwithstanding, the war threats have not receded. The US has sent a second aircraft carrier into the region in addition to having sent four ships and two nuclear powered submarines armed with cruise missiles. The Americans have also sent two U-2 spy planes to the region.

In response, the Russians have also sent a ship armed with cruise missiles as well as two nuclear submarines. It appears that the Russians are not prepared to allow their ally of 40 years be overthrown as part of the US hegemonic plan for the region.

Behind all the American moves are the Zionists, the most deviant characters in the world. They would like to get America to fight wars on their behalf even though a clear majority of Americans are opposed to more wars.

As part of peoples’ opposition to wars, rallies are planned all across the United States and Canada as well as in Europe against the war.

Rallies are scheduled for London, New York, Toronto and a number of other cities on Saturday August 31.

The Toronto rally is scheduled for Saturday August 31 at 2 pm opposite the US Consulate. It has been called by the Canadian Peace Alliance and endorsed by a number of other organizations.


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