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Turkish official confirms Takfiri terrorist leader hospitalized in country

Crescent International

Turkey's involvement in supporting the takfiri terrorists in Syria has been talked about but only now has it been officially acknowledge. A statement from the Office of the Governor of Denizli province confirmed that a terrorist commander injured in Syria had been admitted to hospital in Denizli and was receiving treatment there.

Istanbul Crescent-online
Friday March 06, 2015, 08:53 EST

Turkey’s support for Takfiri terrorists rampaging through Syria and Iraq was confirmed today (March 06) ending several days of media speculation.

A statement from the office of the Governor of Denizli province in Turkey said a takfiri terrorist leader had been admitted to hospital for treatment of injuries sustained during operations in Syria.

The Turkish daily, Today’s Zaman, reported March 5 that the terrorist, identified as Emrah Ç, was admitted to Pamukkale University Hospital after being injured in a bombing in Syria.

“Judicial procedures regarding his injury were carried out when he crossed into Turkey from Syria. His treatment is still underway in Denizli in accordance with the right to receive medical attention, just like a normal citizen,” the statement from the Denizli Governor’s office said.

Syria claimed that it had bombed a meeting of the terrorists in Idlib province in which a senior commander of the terrorist group, Abu Hammam al Shami was killed and dozens injured. The terrorist group later confirmed the commander's death. Those injured in the attack were treated either locally or taken to Turkey.

The terrorist commander was taken to a hospital in the border province of Antakya in Turkey before being trasnported to the larger hospital with better facilities in Denizli.

The casual manner in which the Turkish governor’s statement described the terrorist’s entry into Turkey and admission into hospital leaves the impression that this is routine.

There was no mention of whether the terrorist commander was questioned about his activities or where he sustained his injuries. Turkish authorities have been forced to admit that he entered the country from Syria.

Surely, the terrorist commander was not on a holiday in war-torn Syria that has been invaded by takfiri terrorists from many countries including Turkey.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç recently admitted that thousands of Turkish nationals have joined the terrorist groups operating in Syria.

Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan visited Saudi Arabia on March 2 and following a meeting with King Salman, a statement said the two had discussed ways to increase support for the “moderate rebels” in Syria fighting against the government of President Bashar al Asad.

These “moderate” rebels have indulged in such gruesome acts as organ eating, beheadings of innocent people as well as burning alive the luckless Jordanian pilot, Moaz Kasasbeh whose horrific video was aired on February 3.

Ankara also recently signed an agreement with the US to train up to 5,000 “moderate” rebels on its territory. This merely confirmed what has been going on for years now.

Together with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and a host of other regional countries, Turkey has been supporting the terrorists that have created havoc in Syria.

The Zionist regime has its own pipeline to the terrorists as well as field hospitals in the illegally occupied Golan Heights where injured terrorists receive medical treatment.

All these operations are overseen by the US that continues to supply weapons to the terrorists. The CIA has its own pipeline of weapons supply to the terrorists that are paid for Saudi Arabia.

In a recent interview on CNN (Sunday March 1), retired American General Wesley Clark openly admitted that “our friends and allies are supporting ISIS [terrorists] in order to undermine Hizbullah.”

The terrorists, however, are nobody’s friends; they will ultimately come to haunt the very regimes that are today supporting and arming them.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor Turkey will be able to escape their murderous rampage.


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