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Letters To The Editor

Trial exposes UK links to terror in Syria

Bashir Ahmed

The abrupt halt to the trial of a Swedish citizen last month because it would have exposed British intelligence agency’s links to terrorist groups in Syria has shed light on the sordid role of the British government.

A bizarre “terrorism” trial in London collapsed on June 1 when the defence argued that the British intelligence agency was sending arms to the same group in Syria that the accused was alleged to have joined. Swedish citizen Bherlin Gildo was arrested at Heathrow airport as he changed flights to Manila.

Instead of fighting the case, the prosecution decided to drop the case because it would have had to answer questions about the British government’s involvement in supporting terrorist groups in Syria. The case highlights the hypocrisy of Western regimes and their conduct in the sordid affair in the Levant.

The war on Syria is being supported, financed and armed by Western regimes and their Arab and Turkish puppets, as Gildo’s case illustrates. Muslims should take note that this is not about the rights of the Syrian people but a Western crusade against Muslims.

Bashir Ahmed
Via email

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 5

Ramadan 14, 14362015-07-01

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