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How Iran blind-sided Israel’s US-supplied much-vaunted Iron Dome

Crescent International

Islamic Iran’s retaliatory strike on Israel, launched late April 13 night, has left the genocidal zionists shell-shocked.

Regardless of the spin they put on it—there were no casualties, and there was minor damage to the Nevatim air base—the fact is that Iran penetrated its air defences and struck where it wanted.

Iran announced ahead of time its intention to retaliate for Israel’s attack on its consulate at its embassy in Damascus.

This led some ill-informed observers to allege that Tehran was not serious.

Further, that even when Iran launched its drones, it announced doing so in advance.

Iran’s Shahed-136 drone, is a slow-moving (200 km per hour) aerial vehicle that makes a distinctive humming noise.

This increased the skepticism of those who had already convinced themselves that Iran was only putting up a show.

After all, why announce your plans ahead of time to give your enemy the time to prepare?

The world saw that Israel’s western backers—the US, Britain and France—as well as two-bit player, the British-installed Jordanian monarchy, all came to Israel’s defence.

By the time, the drones reached Israeli air space, western air force planes were ready to take them out.

Israel also activated its much-vaunted $1 billion Iron Dome.

Iran’s Shahed-136 drone costs $20,000; every missile fired from the Iron Dome or any other air defence platform costs $1 million plus.

In terms of direct costs alone, Israel and its backers had to spend $1 million to take out a single $20,000 drone!

Israel’s cost in air defence has been estimated at over $1.35 billion.

This amount does not take into account the loss suffered as a result of closure of its air space, disruption to its economy and other associated costs.

Iran’s next wave of strikes consisted of cruise missiles that are designed to release multiple dummy missiles to set the Iron Dome missiles on a wild chase.

These multiple missiles are actually decoys, meant to confuse and overwhelm the Iron Dome or other systems like David’s Sling.

This is exactly what happened.

While Israel’s US-supplied Iron Dome was chasing the decoys, Iran launched another salvo of hypersonic missiles that struck the Israeli air base at Nevatim in the south.

Iran has said 20 missiles struck this air base causing extensive damage.

Israeli military spokesperson Daniel Hagari admitted that some missiles got through but caused “light structural damage”.

How he quantified “light structural damage” was not explained but there was admission that some missiles did go through.

These missiles, believed to be the Fattah hypersonic missiles, sent an important message: No place in Israel is safe from Iran’s precision missiles.

If Iran had wanted, it could have even hit the bunker in Tel Aviv where Netanyahu was hiding during the retaliatory strike.

Why strike the Nevatim air base in particular?

It was from this base that Israel had launched its US-supplied F-35 planes whose missiles destroyed Iran’s consulate in Damascus in which seven Iranian revolutionary guard commanders were martyred.

Two of them were generals: Mohammad Reza Zahedi and his deputy General Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi.

General Zahedi was the commander of Revolutionary Guards forces in Syria and Lebanon.

Iran also struck the Ramon air base in the Negev as well as another military base on the illegally-occupied Golan Heights.

Following Israel’s April 1 attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Tehran still opted for the diplomatic route.

It urged the UN Security Council to condemn Israel’s attack on its consulate which was in flagrant violation of the Vienna Convention guaranteeing protection to diplomatic missions.

Diplomatic missions are considered the country’s territory.

So, Israel’s attack on Iran’s diplomatic mission was essentially Iranian territory.

When a statement drafted by Russia condemning the consulate attack was vetoed by the US, the UK and France, Iran was deeply disappointed, though not surprised.

Those that drum-beat the loudest for upholding ruled-based international order are its biggest violators.

Despite this disappointing outcome at the UN, Iran still opted for a diplomatic solution.

It said that it would not strike Israel if there was a ceasefire in Gaza.

The arrogant zionists and their equally arrogant western backers assumed that Iran was not capable of striking Israel.

In the past, Iran had shown strategic restraint when its generals were martyred in Syria or its scientists in Tehran.

Iran’s patience was exhausted. It was time to act and do so forcefully.

Its response came on the night of April 13.

Iran not only punctured Israel’s myth of invincibility—it had already been seriously dented by Hamas’s valiant resistance that has lasted more than six months—but also exposed the zionist entity as a dependency of the western regimes that attempted to protect it.

The strike delivered a number of messages to the US, Israel and the Arab regimes.

Iran can hit any part of Israel directly and overwhelm the so-called Iron Dome.

And it did on April 13-14, from its own territory without using its allies in the region.

There is little that Israel could do about it.

While the zionists are huffing and puffing, if they make the mistake of attacking Iran again, there will be a very heavy price to pay.

The same message has been delivered to the treacherous Arab regimes.

Their concrete and glass towers will come crashing down if they continue to stay in bed with the zionists.

American bases in the region will suffer the same fate.

Further, Iran can choke off the supply of oil to world markets by blocking the Strait of Hormuz.

It will cause massive damage to the economies of the US, Europe and other countries.

And there is little or nothing they can do about it.

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