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Jerusalem bomber with a British passport

Crescent International

More than three weeks after a bombmaker with a British passport apparently blew himself up in an East Jerusalem hotel on April 12, mystery continues to thicken as to his true identity and the real purpose of his mission, largely as a result of the news blackout imposed two days later by the Israeli authorities.

The affair immediately aroused the suspicions of British Muslims, who are the victims of a vicious campaign of demonization by the British government and media designed to link them to ‘terrorist organizations in the Middle East’, especially after the March bombings in Israel by Hamas activists.

According to initial press reports of the incident, a British passport issued in the name of Andrew Newman was found among the effects of the bomber, who had been seriously injured. One report said a foreign office spokesman had confirmed that the passport was a British document, but added that a ‘police source’ had expressed doubt whether the victim was its legitimate owner.

The reports left unclear whether the passport had been stolen, borrowed, forged or copied - the result of deliberate withholding of information by both the British and Israeli authorities.

The first reaction to this rationing of information was the speculation that British Muslim sympathizers of Hamas were involved. The British Sunday Express on April 13 commented that ‘the fact the bombmaker was in possession of a British identification will fuel speculation about connections between the outlawed Palestinian Islamic group Hamas and sympathizers in London

Both the British and Israeli governments will only be too happy to encourage such speculation to boost their campaign of demonizing Muslims as terrorists. But when the Israelis imposed a news black-out on the affair, speculation widened to include Jewish terrorists . A Jerusalem magistrates court issued the order prohibiting the disclosure of any details about the investigation concerning the injured man, his name, or the documents found in his possession.

The following day, The Times of London reported that one rumour in Israeli diplomatic circles last right was that the bomber may be a British Jew who was intent on blowing up the Muslim holy places, including the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Tel Aviv, and London for that matter, will have powerful reasons to suppress any information likely to identify the bomber as Jewish especially after the November assassination of Yitzhak Rabin by a Jewish gunman. Rabin’s successor, Shimon Peres, has received death threats from Jewish zealots, and the Israeli secret service already blamed for failure to protect Rabin, will prefer to operate in total secrecy.

The British foreign minister, Malcolm Rifkind, and interior minister, Michael Howard, are both Jewish and fully paid-up by zionists, eager to cooperate with Israel in demonizing Muslims, framing them if necessary. Anyone inclined to believe this as far-fetched should consider how Shaikh Omar Abdur Rahman and his fellow Islamic activists in America have been shamelessly framed and convicted for crimes they did not commit.

Muslimedia - April 1996-August 1996

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 25, No. 2

Dhu al-Qa'dah 12, 14161996-04-01

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