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The US cannot do a damn thing

Our Own Correspondent

Let us get something straight after knocking out all the middlemen: Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is US president Barack Obama’s boss. A person incapable of seeing this basic point will never be able to understand the off-again, on-again Zionist-imperialist-Islamic triangular relations, tensions, and skirmishes. The Israeli thugs-in-chief, from Ben Gurion to Netanyahu, come to Washington to give marching orders to American presidents, from Truman to Obama. The most recent order coming down from the Israeli big-banana to the American banal Obama concerns, of course, Islamic Iran. And the order concerns “military action” against Iran.

This Israeli obiter dictum has been peddled to the public by the mainstream Western media which presents a US whose patience with Iran is “running out” and who from time to time waves the threat of additional tough sanctions. To honor Israeli national interests at the expense of American national interests the US Congress on December 15th approved penalties for firms selling refined gasoline to Iran and insurance companies underwriting such sale. Not to appear as an automatic rubber stamp for Israel, the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee said it “needs time to consider the bill.” One must applaud Islamic Iran: it has caused the American Congress and its committees to have second thoughts about ramming themselves into a policy that will have serious consequences for a US that is still bleeding from war-making in Iraq and Afghanistan to defend the Israeli national interest.

Two days later (December 17th), the Pentagon — the US Department of War — announced a six-month delay in deploying the precision guided, 30,000-pound Massive Ordnance Penetrator or “bunker buster” bomb. This bomb has been specifically designed to destroy the nuclear facilities of Iran and North Korea.

The reason for this, we are told, is that the US government does not have the funds, and thus the schedule for production of these Iran-intended bombs is delayed until the end of 2010. Several months ago, the US Air Force said that the 15-ton bomb for delivery by B-2 stealth bombers had been funded and would be ready for deployment in July 2010. Bravo once again to Islamic Iran that has in a roundabout way caused the US economy to begin to show signs of failure as it is no longer able to feed the military leviathan at the Pentagon on schedule. The US military in Iraq and Afghanistan have bled not only servicemen but also the US treasury. The Af-Iraq military wounds are hemorrhaging the US budget and currency. This reality is covered with the fantasy of awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize and proclaiming Ben Shalom Bernanke the man of the year by Time magazine!

The Zionist trek in and out of Washington has its fingerprints on all American policies in the Islamic East. We notice how unsettled Washington was and how unnerved Tel Aviv is when the Islamic State launched an improved Sejjil-2 missile. It is said that this Islamic breakthrough in missile technology is capable of penetrating US and Israeli anti-missile defense shields and defying their interceptors. It is also said that the Sejjil-2 is teeming with electronic chips used as decoys to mislead the electronic systems of the Israeli Arrow-2 and the US Patriot, Aegis and THAAD anti-missile missile systems.

Zionist Israel is gripped by a phobic neurosis as Islamic Iran takes major strides in military technology. Iran is the human dynamo and power station of Hizbullah and Hamas — the two regional adversaries and antagonists of the Zionist war machine. What must be going through the minds of Zionist zealots and Israeli war-hawks who no longer can rely on Turkey as their political lebensraum or military machinator? Behind closed doors and away from the public eye, Israeli generals and officials are at their wits’ end. They recently watched the result of what they say is an “Iranian cyber-army” that hacked into Twitter and filled its home page with anti-US slogans. We do not have all the facts but this is what the Israeli press said. The Israeli top-brass does not want to publicly admit but we feel free to report that Hizbullah has been recruiting Israelis who will “spy” on their own establishment for the resistance movement. Gone are the days when only the Israelis were able to recruit Lebanese to spy for them. Now this spying game has become a two-way street. Kudos to Hizbullah for its tit-for-tat capabilities.

After Israel could not win its military battles with Hizbullah and Hamas, we can be certain that they are watching their Saudi Arabian subordinates’ military performance against the Islamic resistance in Yemen. And it is not going well for the Saudis, thus it is not going very well for the Israelis. The flak has hit the fan and now Israeli politics stink all the way to Washington. Yet Washington officials, holding their nose, are welcoming the foul-smelling Israeli bosses into their domain. With Israeli guidance, the US Department of Justice secured $536 million as penalty paid by Credit Suisse to the US. This was propagandized as a US “crackdown on illicit banking relations with Iran.” In the meantime, there are other European financial institutions that remain under US investigation prompted by the Israeli national, or shall we say, racist interest. The list of US hound dog policies pursing Islamic Iran and unleashed by Israeli stalkers is endless.

The choices that appear on the Israeli-American horizon to stop Islamic self-determination in Iran now and later elsewhere are: mobilization of all the imperialist-Zionist global superstructure to bring Russia and China in line with the grand plan of placing the most restrictive economic measures upon sovereign Iran. This may result in some political figures in the Islamic State coming out of their closet — and all the best. The Islamic State and its muttaqi leadership need the right circumstances to expose the Islamic “softies” who feel threatened by the combined forces of kufr, in a manner reminiscent of the dual-loyalists during the time of Allah’s Prophet (s), who were afraid of the combined forces of their enemies. The Prophet’s (s) Sirahkeeps providing so that we may keep learning as the hardcore enemies unintentionally expose their softcore allies.

Another alternative in the Israeli arrangement of American foreign policy decisions is the ballyhooed option of either an American blessing for an Israeli go-it-alone military strike or a joint Israeli-American military strike against Islamic Iran. Should the Obama administration carry out such Israeli orders, all hell will break loose. The US, for Israel’s eyes only, has been paying with blood and treasury in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. Anti-Americanism is at an all-time high among all Muslims who are planning to go for Hajj next year. If Obamaniac officials toe the Israeli line into a war against the Islamic Republic one can kiss all American and most Western companies, corporations, and capitalist interests in Africa and Asia good-bye.

The last alternative is for the US to liberate itself from its Israeli master. This means the US must muster enough courage to tell the Israelis to their face that Washington is no longer willing to be hypocritical about the nuclear issue in the Middle East. It is either a Middle East free of nuclear bombs and that means Israel as much as it means Iran, or a Middle East that is left to its own assortments of national interests. That means if Israel has nuclear technology and weapons, every state in the region has the right to acquire nuclear technology and weapons. Israel has had its nuclear years, and with it came the destabilization of the Middle East. Armed with nuclear weapons the Israelis enjoyed a sense of invincibility. This led to their wars against the Arabian nation-states, their occupation of lands in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. With its nuclear arsenal Tel Aviv has practically all Arabian governments in its political temple.

We are certain that American politicians, paid for by powerful Israeli and pro-Israeli PACs and lobbies, are unable to speak truth to power. This leaves the independent Islamic Republic of Iran with a clean conscience to confidently fill the void that has been left by the cowardly US political and military establishment. If the US and Israel do not know how to come to terms with a truly independent state in this world, then they have a problem, not Islamic Iran.

And finally, the US and Israel hedging their bets on a “movement for democracy in Iran” will turn out to be a good thing, because everyone by now knows that “pro-democracy” in the American political lexicon means “pro-Washington.”

Things are not looking good for Obama and his Zionist managers. When Saudi Arabia goes to war in Yemen to prove its credentials to Uncle Sam in Washington and Aunt Sarah in Tel Aviv, it is clear the Israeli-American-Saudi triumvirate are in dire straits. It serves them well. This is only the beginning. In the 20th century the world buried the Soviet Union. In the 21st century the world will bury US imperialism. In both cases, the burial grounds will be the Islamic regions of the world.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 38, No. 10

Dhu al-Hijjah 14, 14302009-12-01

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