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Syrian crisis instigated by foreign powers, says UN report

Crescent International

The UN Inquiry Commission on Syria has just confirmed what the rest of the world has known for more than four years: the war on Syria is foreign-instigated with mercenaries indulging in rape, murder and mayhem. The UN report coincides with the heart-wrenching story of a Syrian family fleeing from Kobani. The body of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed ashore yesterday in Turkey. The family had applied for asylum in Canada but was rejected.

New York, Crescent-online
Thursday, September 3, 2015, 14:57 DST

Updated Thursday September 3, 2015, 18:11 DST

Abdullah Kurdi, father of the two Syrian toddlers that drowned off the coast of Turkey as they were struggling to reach Greece because Canada had rejected their application of refugee status, made a startling revelation today.

As the news of his drowned son Aylan Kurdi's body washed ashore in Turkey went viral globally, Abdullah Kurdi revealed that Canadian authorities contacted him today offering him Canadian citizenship.

The heart-broken father rejected the offer saying life was not worth living without his family whom he saw perish before his eyes as they were swallowed by the sea.

What even nominally informed observers have known for more than four years has just been confirmed by the United Nations Inquiry Commission on Syria.

In a report released today at the UN headquarters in New York, the Inquiry Commission said that foreign-backed terrorists and mercenaries have flooded into the country indulging in rape, murder, and abductions for ransom.

The report was based on 355 interviews as well as medical records, photographs and satellite imagery. Even the limited interviews conducted between January and July of this year confirmed murders, rapes and abductions committed across Syria.

While warning about the Takfiri terrorists (aka as Daesh/ISIS/ISIL) and expansion of their terror campaign into central and southern Syria, the UN report confirmed “A resonant cry for peace and accountability…”

The vast majority of Syrians reject the takfiri terrorists that have been rampaging through their country since the war was launched on Syria in March 2011.

About 30 percent of the foreign mercenaries are Saudis followed by Chechens. There are also Iraqis, Jordanians, Afghans, Tunisians, Algerians, Libyans and Egyptians.

A significant number have also come from Europe and North America that are used as mules by the takfiri leadership. These gullible youth are sent to their death on suicide missions telling them Paradise awaits them!

If true, why doesn’t the takfiri leadership go to Paradise by taking part in suicide missions?

The report also confirmed alarming rise in sectarianism, instigated by foreign militants and extremist elements. It also pointed out that foreign powers were involved in the conflict to advance their “geostrategic interests.”

The UN Inquiry Commission report also highlighted another aspect: the flood of refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq and Libya and criticized the international community for its failure to protect asylum seekers.

A heart-wrenching episode of the asylum-seekers’ tragedy surfaced at the same time as the UN report.

The body of a three-year-old Syrian boy was washed ashore the Turkish coast on September 2. The photo of a Turkish police officer carrying the body has gone viral on social media.

The three-year-old baby boy has been identified as Aylan Kurdi from Kobani. He was fleeing with his mother, father and an older brother when their boat capsized in the Aegean Sea.

The father Abdullah survived but the mother and two children drowned.

The family’s tragedy has now become a campaign issue in Canada because the boys’ aunt, Teema Kurdi in Vancouver, British Columbia had appealed to the Canadian government to let the family into Canada.

Her appeal was sent by Vancouver area MP Fin Connelly to Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander but the minister, displaying the rightwing Conservative government’s racist agenda turned down the appeal.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair pointed out at an emotional press conference today what was wrong with Canadian government policy.

Canada is a country of immigrants. It has also taken in tens of thousands of refugees. Mulcair pointed to the Vietnamese girl that was burnt by American napalm whose photo in 1964 went viral when she was seen running naked in the streets.

That Vietnamese girl, now a grown up woman, gained refugee status in Canada in 1979-1980 under a previous Conservative government that had some compassion for humanity.

The story of Aylan and his older brother Galip has moved witnesses to tears and prompted a widespread discussion about migration today in the news and on social media.

The CBC’s Noon program on Radio took Aylan’s story as its main topic. Minister Alexander has so far refused to answer media queries about his decision to reject the family’s appeal. Instead, he blamed the media for “ignoring” the events in Syria.

How Alexander could make that claim defies belief. Canada is deeply involved in the wars on Iraq and Syria. There are persistent demands from a wide cross-section of the Canadian population to withdraw its troops from the region.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however, prefers to project a macho rather than a compassionate image. His wrath is reserved exclusively for Muslims whom he has branded as “terrorists” or “terrorist sympathizers.”

The Syrian crisis has now become a Canadian election issue with the tragic death of Aylan and his innocent family. Their father Abdullah is devastated and wishes he too had drowned with the rest of the family.

The aunt, Teema Kurdi is equally distraught and unable to fathom what has happened.


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