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Russia-China-Islam: The New Superpower?

Kevin Barrett

In 1993, American political scientist Samuel Huntington famously predicted that future wars would be between civilizations, not nations. Huntington forecast a substantial list of possible civilizational clashes.

Thirty years later, it is clear that Huntington wasn’t entirely wrong. But in retrospect, his article The Clash of Civilizations was not really a forecast of coming conflicts between all of the world’s civilizations. Instead, it foreshadowed a covert declaration of war by the US-led secular-humanist neoliberal west against the world’s other leading civilizations. Today, those civilizations are uniting to fight back.

The Clash of Civilizations was often contrasted to Francis Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man, which had appeared one year earlier. But in reality they both reflected the same arrogant, hubristic agenda of American policymakers after the end of the Cold War. Fukuyama fatuously asserted that western neoliberalism had already conquered the globe. Huntington, for his part, offered a conceptual framework that would evolve into a disguised declaration of war to genocidally eradicate all other civilizations and impose Fukuyama’s false paradise on the entire world, even if it meant reducing most of it to smoldering radioactive ashes.

The west’s “civilizational warriors” launched their crusade in 2001 by blowing up the World Trade Center and falsely blaming Muslims in order to wage a permanent war on Islam. Thirty years later, almost 30 million Muslims have been murdered according to Australian expert Gideon Polya, and the historical heartlands of Islam have suffered horrific damage at the hands of invaders and occupiers.

Then in 2014 the western civilizers launched their war on Russia by overthrowing the legitimate Ukrainian government and installing a hybrid neoliberal-Nazi regime. US-occupied Ukraine was armed to the teeth and subjected to homicidal anti-Russian brainwashing, provoking a “civil war”—in reality a war of extermination against the nearly 50% of Ukrainians who are ethnically Russian. After a long series of outrages the US succeeded in provoking a Russian response, which currently serves as the pretext for endless escalations, the endgame of which is the destruction and dismemberment of Russia and the demolition of Russian culture and its central pillar, the Orthodox Christian faith.

Not content to merely go to war with 1.8 billion Muslims and the world’s biggest nuclear power, the Americans, led by neoconservative fanatics, are credibly believed to have attacked China and Iran in late 2019 with the COVID-19 bioweapon. The main geostrategic goal of the covert COVID bio-strike would have been to reduce the gap in growth rates between the US and Chinese economies by forcing China into lockdown mode. The COVID strike and ensuing blowback also triggered a move towards decoupling the US and Chinese economies, a necessary prelude to a US hot war on China. (For a review of the evidence supporting these assertions, read Ron Unz’s free ebook Our Covid-19 Catastrophe or watch my short video “COVID-19 Bio-Attack Smoking Gun.”)

So the bankster-owned US and its vassals have essentially declared World War III against Russia, China, and the Islamic world. Their goal is to impose American-style neoliberalism everywhere. Traditional religions and family values are in their gunsights, as are assertions of autonomy in economics and military affairs. The neocon-neolib aggressors want the whole world to answer to the dictates of US-zionist dominated central banks, to welcome invasion and occupation by US military bases, and to eradicate traditional cultural norms in favor of western-style decadence and depravity. And of course, they want the world to conduct international transactions in US dollars, creating an artificial demand for the greenback that allows America’s central bank to print unlimited quantities to pay for all those military bases, wars, and cultural subversion efforts.

By going to war against the world’s three most powerful traditional civilizations simultaneously, the US empire has sealed its fate. Russia cannot be defeated due to its immense nuclear deterrent. China’s population and manufacturing capacity make it a likely winner in any serious hot war with the US. And the Islamic world has the world’s most vibrant religion (based on the last and best-preserved Divine revelation) as well as the most strategic location and most abundant energy resources.

These three venerable civilizations are being forced to unite in self-defense against the US-led neoliberal onslaught. Together, they are more than a match for the self-declared American “sole superpower.”

In the wake of America’s futile wars against West Asia and Russia, China is stepping in as the peacemaker and honest broker that will usher in the multipolar world. In early March, Chinese leader Xi Jinping facilitated an entente between Iran and Saudi Arabia that promises to end the wars in Yemen and Syria while moving the Muslim West Asia solidly into the multipolar-world camp.

Then on March 20, Xi flew to Moscow with a 12-point peace plan for Ukraine that was welcomed by Putin, but rejected as “irrational” by US president Joe Biden. Indeed, the Americans tried to throw cold water on the Chinese peace effort in advance by orchestrating a trumped-up International Criminal Court arrest warrant for Putin that was issued “only hours after Moscow and Beijing confirmed Mr. Xi’s trip.” (For some reason the ICC forgot to seek Biden’s arrest for the worst act of economic terrorism and ecoterrorism in history, the destruction of the Nordstream pipeline.)

Also, on the eve of Xi’s trip, Putin published an op-ed in the People’s Daily, China’s most influential newspaper, stating that “Russia-China relations have reached the highest level in their history and are gaining even more strength.”

A key element in the Chinese peace proposal is the lifting of unilateral sanctions. The US has imposed more than 2500 sanctions against Russia since the Russia-Ukraine war erupted last year, and forced many of its vassal states to comply with them. But most of the world beyond Europe, Japan, and South Korea is rejecting or evading the anti-Russia sanctions. Russia’s trade with China, India, and heavily-sanctioned Iran, among other countries, has blossomed since the sanctions were implemented. If the Americans were intending to destroy Russia’s economy, the result has been quite the opposite, as Europe and perhaps even the US have suffered more damage from their own sanctions than Russia has.

The contrasting responses of Putin and Biden to the Chinese peace plan will likely give China an excuse to provide increasing support to Moscow. The Americans, China has always insisted, started this war. Now the US is completely rejecting a moderate and constructive peace proposal supported by most of the world. Under such circumstances, why should China obey US-imposed constraints on the help it can offer Russia?

China, like Russia, recognizes that the Wolfowitz-doctrine-crazed US empire is waging a covert war against the world’s remaining independent countries, and that if Russia falls, China will be next. So just as Russia stepped in to help Iran save Syria from the western warmongers and regime-changers, China is ensuring that Russia maintains its sovereignty and territorial integrity in the face of the western imperial onslaught.

The formidable Russia-China alliance features the smaller partner, Russia, playing the “tough cop” willing to use its military might, while the larger country, China, plays the “nice cop” who gets what he wants by being friendly and reasonable. Meanwhile, Iran carries the banner of principled resistance on behalf of the entire Muslim Ummah, which is gradually following Tehran’s lead by lining up in favor of the multipolar world project.

Will we wake up one day soon and discover that we are in a new, fully multipolar world—one in which Islamic civilization can revive itself without interference from its enemies? Or will the moribund empire lash out in its death spasms, taking down the rest of the world with it, to prevent that eventuality?

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 53, No. 2

Ramadan 10, 14442023-04-01

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