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Putin threatens to bomb Saudis back to Stone Age unless they stop supporting terrorism

Crescent International

The Najdi Bedouins (aka the House of Saud) have been involved in spreading terrorism throughout their miserable existence. Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to have had enough of their barbaric practices and has threatened to bomb them back to the Stone Age unless they desist from further mischief. Najdi Bedouins, beware, you have been warned!

Moscow, Crescent-online
Saturday, January 30, 2016, 08:23 EST

Now here is an interesting piece of news that has escaped notice. Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to bomb Saudi Arabia back to the “Stone Age” unless the Najdi Bedouins stop supporting and exporting terrorism.

Putin was speaking at his weekly briefing in Moscow, according to Dmitry Peskov, quoted in the Russian daily, Novaya Gazeta. The Russian President said the Saudi regime was sowing terrorism and backing al-Qaeda inspired guerrillas throughout the crisis-hit Syria.

"The Saudi leadership clings to power and hope they can possibly impede the inevitable collapse of their primitive, barbaric and inhumane political system by targeting the stability and welfare of other neighboring nations," Pravda quoted the Russian official as saying on January 25.

Russia cannot remain indifferent to Saudi mischievous interference in Syria that has blocked any Syrian-Syrian peaceful settlement, said President Putin. He was referring to the obstructionist policy of the Saudis that have deliberately placed hurdles in the way of a peaceful resolution to the nearly five-year-old conflict in Syria.

Indirect talks between representatives of the Syrian government led by Syria’s UN ambassador Bashar al-Jafaari and Syrian opposition groups under UN auspices began yesterday (January 29) in Geneva. Initially, the opposition groups—essentially people with little or no support inside Syria but backed by Saudi Arabia, Israel, the US and other disruptive regimes to overthrow the legitimate government in Syria—refused to participate. They had set pre-conditions that Damascus and the UN rejected.

Putting put his finger on the root of the problem in Syria by saying: " …Russia will defeat Saudis in Syria which became the epicenter of their [Saudis] malevolent plots. It is imperative for all Syrian parties that believe in a peaceful resolution for their country's five-year-long war to sit down at the negotiation table and denounce the Saudi destructive role."

Reflecting extreme frustration with the Najdi Bedouins’ destructive role, Putin said Russia will bomb Saudi Arabia back to the Stone Age when nomad Arabs lived in tents, drank impure water and survived on dates, whenever available, unless the regime gives up assisting terrorists in the Middle-East.

The Russian President pointed to the fact that Saudi-backed terrorists posed a major international security threat and strong action against the regime in Riyadh was justified.

The Saudis have not only backed the terrorists in Syria but also in other locales, such as Chechnya and have also poisoned the minds of simple Muslims in different parts of the world.

Najdi Bedouins, beware. Do not mess around with Putin!


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