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Prejudices are What Rule the Vulgar Crowd

Abu Dharr

The damage and destruction that the family kingdom of Saudi Arabia has wrought on the Muslims and non-Muslims of the world is immeasurable. Any indication of the failure of the clannish Kingdom is a success story for the rest of the world. First and foremost among them are the steadfast Muslims who have lived and died through the Saudi schemes that were originally planned by Talmudic Zionists and evangelical imperialists.

One encouraging sign of the unraveling of the Zionist-imperialist Saudi rulers is the massive and unprecedented departure of “foreign” workers from that wicked Kingdom. Foreign workers and employees in Saudi Arabia are leaving in droves due to princeling Muhammad bin Salman’s (MBS) Saudiization policy — by which he means that jobs in his personal kingdom belong to the citizens of Saudi Arabia and only to them!

Official figures show that during the past year 667,000 “foreign” employees exited the Kingdom. Most of them decided to do so because the authorities there began imposing high governmental service fees on “foreigners” and their families. Add to that a general slow-down of the Saudi economy due to bleeding budgetary expenses resulting from its war in Yemen and its financing of other wars elsewhere, primarily in the Muslim world. Further, inflation has taken a toll on middle- and lower-class “foreign” workers. Expectations are that the number of “foreigners” exiting this year (2018) will more than double, probably reaching 1.5 million!

The Saudi financial impositions upon “foreigners” have no basis in the Qur’an or Sunnah. Take for example their new law that every “foreign” breadwinner has to pay a sum of $27/month for every dependent in his family. By the year 2020 that amount will rise to $106 for every dependent. Add to that the levies that are imposed on a person every time he or she enters or exits the Kingdom, which have been tripled due to MBS’ Saudiization program. Fees are on the rise for a person renewing his residency permit or his driving license! What used to be government subsidies on basic essentials have been virtually eliminated. Add to all that the taxes that are surreptitiously tagged on to many consumer items and the average “foreigner” feels that he is no longer welcome in the land of the Prophet (pbuh) and the birthplace of Islam.

Even the “Arab foreigner” is beginning to evacuate his family because of the escalating costs of rent and inflation. Imagine a hardworking employee in the Kingdom who now has to pay about 35,000 riyals (approx. $10,000) each year to renew his and his family’s residency permit! Tag on to that rising school tuition fees and health insurance costs, and even a mentally challenged person would understand that he is being booted out of the Saudi dynastic Kingdom. Of note here is that the official Saudi policy forbids most “foreigners” from enrolling their children in government schools and forbids them from having access to free medical care in government-run hospitals. Remember, the majority of these “foreigners” are Muslim. And remember that the Saudi “da‘is” and preachers speak about Islamic brotherhood and faith companionship night and day!

The “foreign” employees who have already left and those who are on their way out number about one-third of the total Saudi population (11 million out of 33 million). Most of them built the Saudi infrastructure throughout the past decades in the fields of education, health, construction, technology, and public services. They make up about 80% of the private sector.

MBS, who follows the Zio-American script carefully, envisions that his 2030 plan would secure 1.2 million jobs for his tribal citizens. Currently unemployment is officially at 13%. The projection is that it will go down to 9% by 2020. Economists are skeptical as Saudi citizens have not taken up the jobs that were vacated when “foreigners” left the private sector. Absent women from the work force, the short-term fulfillment of Saudiization doesn’t look promising.

Crunching the numbers is not encouraging: 53% of “foreign” workers receive about 3,000 riyals ($800) each month — barely enough to support a family. The un-Islamic Saudi policy of kafil (sponsorship) excludes these “foreigners” from ever finding a path to citizenship. They are disqualified from permanent residency. Read that again: they (Muslims) are disqualified from permanent residency. How can any Muslim be disqualified from constant or long-lasting residency in the land of his or her Prophet (pbuh)? This is what everyone should ask: where is the Qur’an and the Sunnah here?

Many Jordanians have been streaming out of MBS’ kingdom, and in a way, that is good news because the Jordanian population will no longer feel a “soft spot” for its erstwhile Saudi employer.

The Saudi-Israeli-American grand scheme is meant to put pressure on certain countries when the citizens of those countries leave Saudi Arabia and no longer send remittances back home. Case in point is Sudan. But this could very well contribute to a buildup of resentment and bitterness within the Muslim populations against what will become more obvious as the months and years pass by, that is, the Israelization of Saudi Arabia.

If the Saudi crowned heads could think for themselves they would have invested the $450 billion they gave to Trump in their own country, thereby putting an end to unemployment and inflation. But flunkies are flunkies even with crowns on their heads. The Saudis are whispering to themselves as to what they are going to do with “illegals” residing in the Kingdom. It is not hard to guess that they will follow in Trump’s footsteps.

The Saudi propagandists say that Saudi Arabia is the second country in the world, after the US, that has transfer of funds elsewhere ($30–40 billion/year). Now, that is a meandering way of saying that wealth should not be shared, or that Saudi Arabia does not belong to the Ummah, or “make Saudi Arabia great again.”

Let’s face it: Saudi Arabia is the cash cow and the laughing stock of the world. When there were imperialist wars of aggression in Southeast Asia (1960s and 1970s), in Central America (1980s), and in Central Asia (1980s) the corporate and capitalist elites tapped on the Saudi royals for securing the US dollar and for pumping petroleum to meet and secure the expenses of wars. The pea-brain Saudi royals and their Arabian moneyed monarchs footed the bill. Who financed the antagonistic Iraqi imposed war on Islamic Iran? Who financed the Second Gulf War when the same Iraq invaded and occupied Kuwait? Who is financing the wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Bahrain? Who is sponsoring and bank-rolling the war and war crimes in Yemen?

Throughout this quick summary of the shameful Saudi exclusion of the “other” we avoided the use of words like racism, discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry. All of these elements are par for the course when it comes to Wahhabi narrow-mindedness — a predisposition that does not know what the definition of equality is. Compare official Saudi policy above with divine words, “Hence, I [Muhammad] shall not expel [any of] those who are committed Muslims…” (26:114).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 6

Dhu al-Qa'dah 19, 14392018-08-01

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