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Week In Review

Palestinian cartoon exposing the Saudis causes uproar

“Palestinian cartoonist’s caricature of an Arab man struggling amid the global oil crisis has caused outrage in Saudi Arabia and led to competing hashtags on social media regarding support for the Palestinian cause.” Mahmoud Abbas, a cartoonist based in Sweden, depicted an exasperated man being pursued by a tumbling barrel of oil. Abbas told Middle East Eye that “the purpose of the cartoon is to show the oil crisis and its impact on the Arab world and the Middle East region - as it relies heavily on oil as a primary source of income,” Middle East Eye (MEE) reported.

The cartoon was not received well by the pro-Saudi elements on Twitter who accused Palestinians of being ungrateful for Riyadh’s support of the Palestinian cause. This claim would be dismissed by most informed observers considering the well-known strategic alliance between the Saudi regime and the Zionist entity.

Courtesy: Middle East Eye

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