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Saudi regime’s illegal detention and torture of Hamas leader lands him hospital

Crescent International

Muhammad al-Khudari, member of Hamas’ Political Bureau who served as go-between with the Saudi regime, was recently transferred from prison to hospital because of health complications.

The Bedouin kingdom arrested him five months ago without giving a reason.

Lebanon’s leading daily, al-Akhbar, that has solid reputation for reliable sources, cited anonymous sources about al-Khudari’s hospitalization.

Held in the notorious Dhahban Prison in Jeddah the Hamas representative was transferred to a hospital in Makkah to receive treatment for an unspecified ‘terminal disease’.

Al-Akhbar reported that al-Khudari’s son is also in prison.

Hamas leader’s hospitalization is most likely the result of brutal torture by the Saudi regime.

The Western-backed Saudi regime, notorious for chopping-up citizens in its own embassies as was the case with Jamal Khashoggi, knows that US-Zionist support will cushion it from international opprobrium.

Al-Khudari’s arrest could also be linked to the US-Saudi-Israel plan to push the so-called “deal of the century”. It aims to legalize the Zionist occupation of Palestine and provide the Palestinians with the fiction of a state under the complete control of Israel.

Hamas being the leading resistance movement to Israel with broad support among Palestinians has on numerous occasions identified the “deal of the century” as the sham of the century.

By arresting a senior Hamas official, the Saudis hope to force the movement to accept and promote their Israel-pleasing narrative.

Ignorance being the hallmark of the Gulf regimes, they forget that Hamas is a resistance movement. It has faced far greater tests and pressure than anything the Saudis can throw at them.

Al-Khudari’s arrest also exposes the duplicity of Western-based human rights organizations. They spring into action only when a politician or activist with pro-Western leanings is detained.

It makes it doubly critical for Islamic NGOs and Islamic media outlets to ring the alarm bells regarding al-Khudairi’s detention by one of the most barbaric regimes in the world.


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