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October killings in Iraq surpass 6,700 figure

Crescent International

Had they been animals instead of humans, there would be much hue and cry in the west about the killing of civilians in Iraq. Since Muslim life is considered cheap, snuffing it out does not evoke even a yawn in the “civilized” west whose shock troopers, the takfiris, are busy doing the west's and the zionists' dirty work. The number of civilians killed in Iraq in October surpassed the staggering figure of 6700.

Dubai, Crescent-online
Wednesday November 05, 2014, 09:37 EST

The people of Iraq continue to suffer horrendous crimes, first under Saddam, then under the brutal US occupation, and now under the takfiri terrorists commonly referred to as ISIS.

The news site Antiwar.com accumulated numbers of people killed in Iraq during the month of October 2014, and the numbers were staggering— 6,715 people were killed across Iraq, and another 2,805 were wounded.

By instigating violence in Iraq, the ISIS takfiris have also suffered heavy losses: At “least 4,990 militants were reported killed, mostly ‘Islamic State’ members. Another 505 were reported wounded,” according to Antiwar.

The civilian deaths in Iraq last month are far higher than the death toll for September, in which 3,790 were killed and 1,949 wounded.

The September numbers were taken from the website Iraq Body Count, which keeps track of people killed in the Iraq conflict thus far. This signals that the violence in Iraq is on an upward swing and is only expected to increase in the following months.

Many innocent civilians are getting killed. The Iraq Body Count website notes that the dead hail from all backgrounds: “Iraqi victims of the war come from all walks of life. IBC was able to determine the occupation of nearly 23,600 victims, covering some 700 professions. By far the greatest number were police who, along with journalists, are also most likely to have their profession mentioned, and hence to have been most completely recorded.”

The death inflicted by ISIS, supported by Saudi Arabia and the US, is wiping out generations and destroying the civil society of the country.

The 6,700 citizens of Iraq who died in October equal all the US military personnel who have died in the Afghanistan and Iraq conflict so far from 2001 up to May 2013.

These numbers establish that the War on Terror is a War to wipe out Islam from the Muslim world, whether ideologically or by snuffing out human lives in the mass machinery of death.

While mainstream news organizations like CNN keep careful count of the dead from the US side, they never broadcast what the losses are for the other side. Only leftist and progressive sources display the conscience to depict the drastic sufferings that the War of Terror has inflicted on the Muslim world.


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