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Letters To The Editor

Needed: Regime Change!

Ahmed Abdullah

The Muslim world is full of nasty regimes and obnoxious rulers. The Saudi regime tops the list. The Saudi clown prince, Bin Salman, is a truly toxic character who stoops to kiss the boots of his Zionist and imperialist masters but has no compunction about killing innocent people as in Syria and Yemen.

The Saudi regime is also the sponsor of the most hideous creatures — the takfiri terrorists — that have shed the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Muslims. They have bombed dirt-poor Yemen destroying its infrastructure and are starving 22 million Yemenis to death. More than a million children are suffering from cholera as a direct result of Saudi siege and bombings.

While killing Muslims, the Saudis have surrendered completely to the Zionists and imperialists. They cannot do enough to please their masters aware that they remain on the throne only because of the support of the Americans and Zionists.

Such despicable creatures — the enemies of Allah (swt) and His faithful servants — must not be left in control of the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. It is the religious duty of all Muslims to help overthrow this regime and put the Arabian Peninsula in the hands of sincere committed Muslims.

Ahmed Abdullah
Detroit, MI, US

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 5

Shawwal 17, 14392018-07-01

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