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NATO regimes continue to prop up despots in the Muslim world

Crescent International

Last month, the US regime approved another huge sale of weapons to such despotic regimes as those in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

It is fashionable for the Western corporate media to blame Donald Trump’s regime for arming and backing despots in the Muslim world.

The reality is that these regimes have been armed, financed and trained under all US presidents, regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican resides in the White House.

The incoming Joe Biden regime in Washington will most likely maintain this policy.

According to the Guardian the “US state department has approved the sale of $290m in bombs to Saudi Arabia… the state department’s defence security cooperation agency announced the approval of sale of the GBU-39 small diameter bomb munitions and related equipment to Saudi Arabia… On the same day, the agency also announced approvals for the sale of AH-64E Apache helicopters worth $4bn to Kuwait, $104m in defensive equipment against missile attack for the plane of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, as well as $65.6m in precision targeting equipment for Egyptian warplanes.”

On January 3, a report by the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), citing Germany’s Economics Ministry, said that the German government approved exports of arms worth 752 million euros ($913 million) to Egypt alone as of December 17.

None of the above listed regimes has a track record of defending their territories and societies against external armies.

The GCC regimes are infested with NATO military and intelligence infrastructure, thus, their state sovereignty is already compromised at an essential level.

Al-Sisi’s Egypt is not much different.

It should by now be obvious that the primary reason the above-mentioned regimes are provided with military equipment is to boost the economies of NATO regimes and secure their geopolitical interests.

It is important to understand that when NATO regimes complain about the influx of refugees in their countries, they have no moral or rational ground to stand on.

The circumstances that force people to flee their home countries are often created by NATO regimes that prop up despotic and corrupt regimes.

Arming the GCC regimes and the dictatorship of Egypt does not solve Israel’s or Washington’s regional security and political dilemmas.

The regimes of Hosni Mubarak and the Shah of Iran were equally well armed as the current despotic regimes are yet both collapsed.

The primary threat to these regimes comes from within: from people’s power.

Arming such regimes like those in the GCC and Egypt cannot prevent the inevitable: overthrow of these regimes through mass uprisings led by the Islamic movement.

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