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US arming terrorists in Syria with heavy weapons

Crescent International

The US is supplying heavy weapons to the terrorists in Syria. The US military is also training takfiri terrorists in Jordan while claiming to be fighting al-Qaeda type terrorists worldwide.

Amman, Crescent-online
Tuesday April 08, 2014, 13:17 DST

Information from Syria indicates that the US has started to supply heavy weapons to terrorist groups operating in the country. Many of these weapons have gone to mercenaries from various countries that have flooded into Syria.

The US decision to supply heavy weapons came following President Barack Obama’s meeting with Saudi King Abdullah in Riyadh last month. The March 28 meeting was believed to be tense with Obama trying to smooth the ruffled feathers of the aging monarch because of the latter’s concern that Washington was not taking the kingdom’s concerns seriously.

The US supply of heavy weapons was also reported by the Israeli website Debkafile on April 7. Although it could be a deliberate Zionist attempt to create confusion about the situation in Syria, given that the Zionist regime is closely linked with the terrorist groups and is providing them medical as well as logistical support, the American supply of weapons cannot be dismissed.

According to Debkafile, two Syrian terrorist groups have been supplied with advanced US weapons, including armour-piercing, optically-guided BGM-71 TOW missiles. Images of terrorist groups equipped with advanced weapons have also been circulating on their websites in recent days.

Again, these could be just propaganda since morale among takfiri groups has plummeted following advances made by the Syrian army in different parts of the country. Takfiris often use such techniques to boost morale among fighters suggesting that they have not been abandoned and that they have powerful friends.

On April 3,freelance Middle East journalist Sara Elizabeth Williams broke the story of a CIA/US Military run training camp for Syrian rebels in the Jordanian desert. At considerable risk to herself, she managed to retrieve information that blows the cover off the secret CIA training operation for Syrian terrorists.

Her report with photos of Syrian terrorists being trained by US military personnel was published in VICE UK. It confirms through information from rebel fighters that they were trained by Americans wearing US military uniforms. Training lasted for 40 days and included exercises and training in the use of anti-tank missiles.

According to rebels, the camp is awash with American food such as Kentucky Friend Chicken and of course, American dollars, currency of choice. Insurgents are smuggled into Syria from its southern border.

According to experts, there are many more camps like this in Jordan.

There is speculation that when Saudi Crown Prince Salman visited Pakistan in mid-February, he asked that the Pakistan army provide training to terrorists in camps in Jordan.

The Saudis also want to recruit the Pakistan army for its own protection now that the kingdom is feeling the heat of discontent from its irate citizens. Within Pakistan, a stint in Saudi Arabia is considered an opportunity to make a fortune: a huge salary, no taxes and the lure of performing Umrah and possibly Hajj, all expenses paid, even if it is done for the advanced of munkar (protection of an illegitimate ruler).

In another development, the American investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh confirmed in an article published in the London Review of Books on April 6 that last August’s sarin gas attack in Ghouta, Syria was carried out the Turkish military to trigger a US attack on Syria. The plot was hatched with Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The article title ‘Whose Sarin?’ was initially written for the Washington Post but it refused to publish it. Hersh also wrote that it was the British that alerted Americans to the fact that their analysis of soil samples from the area confirmed that it did not match Syrian stockpiles. Instead, the sarin gas manufactured from Turkish ingredients.

Pentagon officials have confirmed that they were also convinced the attack was not carried out by Syrian forces and if the US attacked the country, it could lead to a broader conflict in the region whose consequence would be difficult to predict or contain.

Added April 9, 2014 at 9:15 DST

Marc Champion of Bloomberg News, however, has questioned Hersh's story in a piece on April 7. He says sarin-contaminated soil sample was delivered to the British laboratory by a Russian intelligence officer. Champion claims that this discredits the entire story and that Hersh has been taken for a ride by the Russians!


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