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Najdi Bedouins kill Muslims but kiss Zionists

Crescent International

The intensity of the Najdi Bedouins' hatred of Islam and Muslims and their love for the Zionist war criminals was evident in Washington on June 4. General (retired) Anwar Eshki of "Saudi" Arabia met and warmly embraced Dore Gold, designated Director General at the Israeli foreign ministry. Both men spoke of their strong desire to have close relations with each other against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Muslims please note!

Sunday June 07, 2015, 11:38 DST

It has been the worst kept secret: tight relations between the Najdi Bedouins and the Zionists. These are now out in the open as was evident from a very public meeting between senior representatives of both regimes. The meeting was organized by the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington DC on June 4. “Saudi” general (retired) Anwar Eshki not only shared the platform with the Zionist Dore Gold, designated as Director General at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, but both also talked about the alleged threat posed by Iran’s anticipated nuclear deal with the group of P5+1 group of countries.

Eshki and Gold also posed for photographs, warmly shaking hands. The “Saudi” could not have done so without approval from the top echelon of the ruling family. The Zionists are ecstatic. They have always sought public recognition of the Arabian rulers even while there have been secret contacts between them for a long time. Gold and Eshki both talked about peace between Israel and “Saudi” Arabia and their shared hatred of Islamic Iran, describing it as the principal threat to “regional stability”.

The expression “regional stability” is euphemism for Zionist domination of the region with the illegitimate Arabian rulers left in place. They are content with being subservient to the Zionists and imperialists but cannot tolerate any expression of Islamic self-determination. Reflecting the Najdi Bedouins’ deep hatred of Islam, Eshki spoke at length about Iran’s “hostile and aggressive actions” in the region. He did not see anything wrong with the “Saudis’” war on Yemen that has murdered thousands of innocent civilians—in fact he justified it—he also did not see anything wrong with the Zionists’ brutalization of the Palestinians.

Instead, reflecting complete hatred of Islam in the manner of the chiefs of Quraysh at the time of the noble Messenger (saws), Eshki expressed the Najid Bedouins’ anxiousness to have peace with the Zionists instead of Muslims. He also talked about the Saudi-led ‘Arab Peace Initiative’, first espoused in 2002 and said it was a top priority. It is essentially the Arabians’ surrender to Zionist Israel in return for being kept in power. There have been numerous secret meetings between the Najdi Bedouins and the alien invaders of Palestine. These have been held in India, Italy and the Czech Republic.

While such contacts have gone on since 2009, they intensified in the last year, spurred by fears that Iran might be on the verge of signing an agreement with the Western powers that would increase Tehran’s influence. Over the last two years, the Najdis have paid more than $16 billion to the Zionists as protection money. So long as the Najdis keep paying, the Zionists would be happy to support them. Messages of support and friendship have also taken place between leaders at the top level. For instance, when the Butcher of Beirut, Ariel Sharon died after remaining in a vegetable state for six years, the late King Abdullah sent a message of condolence.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin returned the favor when Abdullah died calling him a “moderate” and a “man of peace.” Both regimes are enemies of Islam and Muslims and illegitimate. They are alien occupiers of holy lands. The Najdis have illegally occupied the holy land of Arabia, while their kissing cousins, the Zionists, occupy Palestine. Their public meetings have finally exposed them, especially the Najdi Bedouins.


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