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Islamophobes in the US: Not Just White Extremists

Zionist Power Configuration: financial nexus behind demonization of Muslims
Kevin Barrett

On Sunday, May 12, exactly one week into Ramadan, an arsonist burned the Diyanet Masjid in New Haven, Connecticut, rendering it unusable. As of one week later no arrests had been made.

Arson attacks on masjids are becoming increasingly frequent and threatening. Just a few days after the Christchurch shooting, in which 51 Muslims were murdered and 50 wounded, a masjid in Escondido, California (CA) was torched. The criminals left graffiti on the wall threatening another Christchurch massacre.

One month later, an Iraq war veteran in Sunnyvale, CA plowed his car into a group of pedestrians because he thought they were Muslim. According to the New York Times, “Capt. Jim Choi of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety said there was no indication that the crime was motivated by terrorism.” So according to the American police and their media enablers, when a crazy Muslim runs down pedestrians, it’s terrorism, but if a crazy non-Muslim does the same thing to Muslims, it’s not.

In fact, the Sunnyvale vehicular attack was indeed an act of terrorism. The correct definition of terrorism is “a military tactic in which civilians are targeted to spread fear.” The Sunnyvale terrorist, Isaiah J. Peoples, “intentionally targeted the victims based on their race and his belief that they were of the Muslim faith” according to the same police department that claimed this somehow wasn’t terrorism.

But Peoples was in fact a classic terrorist, trained to hate and kill by the world’s biggest and most murderous terrorist organization, the US military — which has murdered about 60 million civilians around the world since World War II according to Noam Chomsky and André Vltchek’s On Western Terrorism. We learn from the San Jose Mercury News that Peoples had “served in a gunner in Iraq.” So he was trained to murder Muslims, and probably had already murdered quite a few, long before the vehicular rampage.

The murderous Islamophobia that Peoples demonstrated on the streets of Sunnyvale was inculcated by his basic training in terrorism with the US military. Anyone who doubts that the US military is a terrorist group should read Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s On Killing, which explains that throughout history only a very small number of soldiers have done most of the battlefield killing… until around 1950. That was when S.L.A. Marshall’s study on the shockingly low firing rates of soldiers during World War II prodded the Pentagon to revamp its basic training routine using Pavlovian conditioning to turn ordinary young men into psychopathic terrorist killers.

Beginning with the Korean War, American soldiers were trained to hate the ethnicity of the people they were being groomed to kill. They were trained to slaughter Koreans and Vietnamese “gooks, chinks, slants” just as later, after 9/11, they would be brainwashed to mass murder “hajjis, towelheads, sand niggers, camel jockeys.” The systematic use of ethnic slurs to whip US military trainees into a frenzy of hate as they practice routinely and heartlessly and repeatedly slaughtering realistic images of the dehumanized target ethnic group is one of the ugly secrets of US military training.

By such terrorist training tactics the Pentagon was able to raise firing-to-kill rates from below 15% in World War II to over 50% in Korea and close to 90% in Vietnam and thereafter. But a terrible price has been paid: the psychological destruction of the non-psychopathic majority of trainees and troops. A horrific epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) rose in Korea and became an epidemic, virtually a universal condition for American war veterans returning from Vietnam and subsequent US wars. These young men have been psychologically destroyed by being trained to perform atrocities that their conscience would reject, if it hadn’t been lulled to sleep by a demonically clever program of mind manipulation.

The case of the US-military-trained terrorist Isaiah J. Peoples illustrates an important point about the Islamophobia crisis: it isn’t just the product of white nationalist extremism. The horrific truth, too painful for most Muslims and non-Muslims to admit, is that the US Islamophobia epidemic has been unleashed not by the rise of the marginalized far-right, but by America’s most central and powerful institutions: the Pentagon, the mainstream media, and especially the constellation of pro-Israel interest groups that sociologist James Petras calls the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC).

The systematic demonization of Muslims as “terrorists,” and the cultivation of the image of Muslims as “the enemy,” was engineered by the 9/11 false-flag operation, whose strategic purpose was to offer the US empire a new enemy image to replace the lost communist enemy after the Cold War. Not-so-coincidentally, the new “Muslim/terrorist enemy” concept was highly convenient for the Zionists, who had been losing their war against the Palestinian resistance and its regional supporters. 9/11 and the Islamophobia it unleashed sent US military terrorists on a mission to destroy “seven countries in five years” — precisely the countries that were giving the Zionists fits (six of those seven countries on General Wesley Clark’s list have already been badly damaged; only Islamic Iran, the most important since it is the biggest threat to Zionism, has thus far been able to deter an attack).

The author argues that Israel, the US and their allies orchestrated the 9/11 “public relations operation” and used it as an excuse to replace communism with terrorism as “the next great civilizational enemy.” Accordingly, 9/11 was part of a project to create an inter-generational and essentially permanent hatred of Muslims in the US and Western European population and this was going to be the new orientation of the West. Israel, as the main beneficiary of the attacks and the growing trend of Islamophobia, would profit most from the perpetual destabilization of the Muslim East on behalf of Western economic interests and Israeli geostrategic positioning. The ongoing fourth generation war on Islam would make the Muslims into a political football, being kicked around between white nationalist extremists on one side and the liberal Zionists with their LGBTQ friends on the other side, both of which are funded by powerful and wealthy Jewish organizations.

Both the military and psychological campaigns of the fourth-generation war (4GW) on Islam have been driven by Zionists. The forces behind Project for a New American Century (PNAC), the intellectual authors of the 9/11 “New Pearl Harbor” and the wars it unleashed, are precisely the same forces driving the Islamophobia industry. University of California-Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian admits that he may be understating the case when he estimates that “70 percent of the funding for Islamophobia propaganda comes from pro-Israel or Zionist sources.”

Unfortunately these neocon-extremist groups dominate the organized mainstream American Jewish organizations. Bazian writes, “What do Canary Mission, far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer’s and Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative or Stop Islamization of America, the US Tea Party, and David Yerushalmi’s American Freedom Law Center all have in common? They are all funded by various chapters of mainstream Jewish federations across the US.”

Yet these same mainstream American Jewish organizations pretend to commiserate with Muslims after Islamophobic attacks. So does the mainstream media — the same media that has whipped up the Islamophobic rage of the perpetrators by presenting a grossly distorted version of reality. Meanwhile the liberal-left mainstream also cries crocodile tears, while trying to corral Muslims into identifying with other “oppressed groups” like Jews and sexual deviants, in a common front against the “white nationalist enemy.”

The 4GW campaign against Islam seeks to entrap Muslims in a pincer movement. On one side are the terrifying white nationalist extremists, led by Fuhrer Trump. On the other side are the open, welcoming arms of the “liberal Zionists” and their LGBTQ friends. The generals running the anti-Islam war would be happy to see Muslims leap into the open arms of false friends, weaken and dilute their faith, and eventually become just another victimization-drive identity politics interest group.

Along with driving Muslims into the arms of Zionists and LGBTQ, the 4GW anti-Islam campaign seeks to subjugate Muslims to the same security industry that is complicit in terrorizing them. The mainstream media has suggested that Muslims will have to cooperate ever more closely with the FBI and other police and security forces in order to ward off the “extremist threat.” That would be the same FBI that bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, covered up 9/11, and still terrorizes the US Muslim community by sending an army of slick con artists into our midst to try to find retarded teenagers and other vulnerable people who can be brainwashed, framed, and arrested as “terrorists.”

The lesson of all of this is the crisis of Islamophobia in the US has been orchestrated by the most central and most powerful forces in American society, not their marginalized opposition. So in struggling against Islamophobia, we should remember Thoreau’s line “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” To strike at the root of the problem, we will have to expose and work against the most powerful institutions in America. Above all, we must not surrender to the forces of evil by seeking illusory protection in the arms of our oppressors.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 48, No. 4

Ramadan 27, 14402019-06-01

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