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Guest Editorial

Islamic movements move to the fore in the struggle against Zionism

Abu Dharr

In previous columns, we have examined the methodology of the Islamic Revolution and movement; now we must move to questions concerning the very survival of the Islamic Revolution and movement. As this column is written, the zionist military machine is launching wave after wave of air-raids and naval bombardments on the northern part of the Holy Land – Lebanon. Hundreds of civilians, about a third of them children, have so far been killed by Israeli attacks. The international press is parroting the line dictated by Washington and Tel Aviv, that the war was launched by Islamic Iran acting through Hizbullah as its regionialproxies, with Syria somewhere in between. This is the time to speak the truth as Muslims see it about the real problem in the region, namely the satanic state of zionist Israel.

Once we cut through the extras and etceteras that pad out newspaper editorials and form political opinions, obscuring the fundamental realities of contemporary history, we can state succinctly and straightforwardly that the intensifying military struggle against zionist Israel, supported unconditionally by imperialist America, is going to be an increasingly Islamic one. The Arabian governments that have acted as fenders and shock-absorbers for Israel since its creation are increasingly irrelevant. The latest episode of zionist violence was sparked by the capture of three Israeli soldiers by Hamas and Hizbullah. In the normal give-and-take of warfare, these military operations by Hamas and Hizbullah can be considered small, even insignificant. And as militaries operate, Hamas and Hizbullah have operated with the highest military standards and professionalism. Israel, on the other hand, has shown that it cannot meet even normal military standards. Instead of taking on Hamas and Hizbullah on the battlefield,the"Israeli Defense Forces" (IDF), with the political clearance of the Israeli cabinet, decided instead to wage war on the infrastructure of Lebanon, by bombing Beirut International Airport, at least two dozen bridges in Lebanon, fuel-storage terminals, electricity power grids, and residential areas. The Western press, hanging on a laundry-line between Tel Aviv and Washington, tells a misinformed world that Israel is fighting "Islamo-facists" on two fronts: Ghazzah and Lebanon. In their language, we would say that mobilised Muslims are required to fight Judeo-facists on every conceivable front. The constant military aggression by the zionist state, coupled with the hatred of Islam and fear of Muslim self-determination spewing from the zionist-dominated press and media in the West, can only convince Muslims that a steadfast military response is necessary. Hizbullah and Hamas are absolutely within their rights to pursue all military options in standing against the zionist onslaught and for the rights and freedom of peoples subjected to half a century of de-humanising Israeli assaults on them.

The larger fact that is emerging from current confrontations is that the day is quickly coming when an empowered IslamicUmmah will hold the American government to account for the consequences of permitting a terrorist Israel to operate freely across international borders, into neighbouring countries and in civilian populated area, all in the heart of the Ummah. The events in Ghazzah and Lebanon now are doing far more than simply killing hundreds of people and destroying the lives of countless more; they are also accelerating the recognition of the warmongers, who are both zionists and imperialists, but neither Jew nor Christian. At a time when people around the world are recognising the reality of the zionist state, and even many of its friends, allies and supporters are embarrassed by its excesses, the ineffectual government in Washington, which has been commandeered by zionist Jews loyal only to Israel, has again proven incapable of accepting UN resolutions condemning Israeli occupation, aggression and warmongering.

The events of the past few weeks are undoubtedly opening the eyes of Muslims around the world, and attracting a few hundred thousand more Muslims to an undeclared recruitment drive against the criminal regime in Tel Aviv. The Israelis' disregard for international law, along with the US's endorsement of everything it does, will serve to convince confused people that there is no meaning in an international law that is enforced on Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims but then equally waived when it comes tozionists, imperialists, and Israelis.

Events of the magnitude we are now witnessing make us suspect that the delicate balance between Israel and its surrounding Arabian shells (Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc) should finally wear away. Let the mask fall; if Israel were to take over governments from Morocco to Iraq, the ordinary Muslim would then see in the clear light of day who is running the show, from the torture-chambers of North Africa to the prisons of Iraq, without the camouflage of "Arab governments" and their "anti-Israeli rhetoric."

What the immediate future holds we cannot know, but what we can say with absolute certainty is that in the long run, all the military campaigns launched by an arrogant and an aggressive Israel will only stiffen the resistance to them. Any deterrent we have rests not in the ten or fifteen thousand missiles that Hizbullah may have, but rather in the hundreds of millions of Muslims who are bound sooner or later to be provoked into a militant response, be that against the zionists directly, or against their allies and agents elsewhere in the world. The failure of Arab states to change their "Israel-friendly positions" can only accelerate the emergence of this Islamic alternative.

The settling of historic dust is a process that can take decades or even generations, but when it happens, people who have liberated themselves of zionist propaganda will wake up to the fact that a raging Israel did what it did because it was armed, financed, and supported by the quislings in Pennsylvania Avenue and Downing Street. Until and unless the powers that be in Washington and London are forced to change their tune on "Israel", or are replaced by others with a clearer view of the world, we will continue to have an imperialist war against Muslims and Islam, driven by the zionists.

It is al-ard al-mubarakah (the Blessed Land) that will bring Muslims back to their true character: a character that fights when there are no other options left. It is al-ard al-mubarakah that will prove how hypocritical international laws and conventions have been when it comes to Muslims and other oppressed people. Hamas and Hizbullah may not be popular with the governments of the world, but they are popular with the Muslims and oppressed peoples of the world. Hizbullah and Hamas have proven that they can counteract the sectarian divisions that are beginning to appear in Iraq. Al-ard al-mubarakah will prove that Muslims are able to close ranks and fight as a compact and united front (“saffan ka-annahum bunyanum- marsus”: al-Qur'an 61:4).

All of this began with the capture of three Israeli soldiers. Jews are supposed to be experts of the marketplace. But they are proving that they know nothing about profitable transactions. Instead of trading prisoners-of-war with prisoners-of-war, they are dragging themselves, the region and potentially the rest of the world into instability, turmoil and mayhem. There is dry tinder deep down inside the almost two billion Muslims in this world. This dry tinder is in need of the fuel that is being spilled on it by American-supported Israeli aggression. The world may ignore the wisps of smoke that periodically emerge, but an anti-Israeli eruption is merely a few sparks away.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 35, No. 6

Rajab 07, 14272006-08-01

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