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Book Review

Book Exposes History of Zionist Terrorism

False flags designed to blame Arabs have been used to great effect
Kevin Barrett

State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel by Thomas Suarez; Pub: Interlink Publishing Group, Northampton, Massachusetts, 2016, 418 pages. Price: $15.71 Pbk.

If you visit your local bookstore in any Western country — assuming brick-and-mortar bookstores still exist by the time this article is published — you may find a section devoted to “Israel” or “the Middle East.” The vast majority of books there will consist of Zionist propaganda. Some of the propaganda will be thinly disguised. It will feign sympathy with Palestinians, while airbrushing away most of the real history of the “conflict” and mendaciously asserting a false equivalency between oppressor and oppressed.

If you are very lucky, or have access to a very large bookstore, you may find a couple of books — nestled between dozens or hundreds of Zionist propaganda volumes — that honestly deal with some aspect of the ongoing genocide of Palestine. One such book is Thomas Suarez’s outstanding new State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel.

Suarez’s meticulously researched volume shows that almost from the moment Zionists set foot in Palestine they began wantonly murdering and maiming people in service to their plan to empty the land of its inhabitants. Though the great majority of their victims have been Palestinians, the Zionists also slaughtered Europeans, Americans, non-Palestinian Arabs, and even their fellow Jews.

Moshe Sharett, who served as Israel’s minister of foreign affairs from 1948–1956 and prime minister in 1954–1955, regretfully wrote that the dominant Zionist faction of Israeli founder David Ben Gurion “raises terror to the level of a sacred principle.” Suarez elucidates the fanatically racist, biblical, messianic, roots of Ben Gurion’s genocidal “sacred terror.” In the Peel Commission hearings of 1937, Ben Gurion “invoked the Bible as Jews’ unassailable legal title to (all) Palestine” and insisted on “forced transfer” of Palestinians so that the Holy Land would become “really Jewish.” The “forced transfer” (that is, murderous ethnic cleansing) of Palestinians, according to Ben Gurion, “will give us something (ethnic purity) we never had… neither in the period of the First Temple nor in the period of the Second Temple.” Suarez concludes that “Ben Gurion believed, or wanted us to believe that he believed, that we were indeed entering the epoch of the Third Temple, and he was its prophet” (p. 49).

It has been aptly observed that most Zionists do not believe in God, but they do believe that God gave them the Holy Land. That description fits Ben Gurion and the Zionist leadership cabal. But just because they reject God does not mean they can’t draw inspiration from the Torah — the wrong kind of inspiration! Clearly the Zionists identified with the Torah’s apparent incitements to genocide, including its cheering the mass slaughter of Persians commemorated by the Purim holiday; the injunction to exterminate the Amalekites and “kill both man and woman, child and infant”; and above all its command to Joshua to exterminate the Canaanites, “You shall not leave alive anything that breathes. But you shall utterly destroy them.” As Laurent Guyénot writes in From Yahweh to Zion, Ben Gurion’s rabbi testified that despite his atheism the founder of Israel “unconsciously believed he was blessed with a spark from Joshua’s soul.” In other words, Ben Gurion, like the nation he founded, was always dedicated to “not leaving alive anything that breathes” and to “utterly destroying” the people of Palestine.

The gory details of the incessant Zionist butchery that created and sustains the so-called State of Israel still have the power to shock. Suarez covers the Zionists’ ceaseless bombings and shootings of passenger trains and ships, bus riders, beachgoers, orphanages, children’s broadcasting studios, sporting events, private houses, hotels, cathedrals, journalists, and police stations (especially targeting Jewish police officers). The Zionists mailed letter bombs all over the Western world; recipients included British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US President Harry Truman, whose security details fortunately were aware of the threat and managed to stymie the attempted assassinations.

Jews who disagreed with the Zionists were murdered for their opinions. Indeed, Suarez writes, prior to the Nakbah of 1948 and the proclamation of the Zionist entity “most victims of Zionist assassinations (that is, targeted rather than indiscriminate)… were Jews.” One typical victim was Dr. Ya’acov Israel de Hahn, denounced by Ben Gurion as a traitor for his anti-Zionist views, who was shot dead while leaving a Jerusalem synagogue on June 30, 1924. In other cases, Jewish girls who refused to cooperate with the Zionists were blinded in acid attacks.

Likewise Jews were massacred all over the world, and on the high seas, by Zionist terrorists, who sought to frighten Jewish populations into coming to Israel against their will — and to prevent them from going anywhere else. One of the deadliest Zionist terror bombings was the 1940 sinking of the refugee ship Patria in Haifa port, killing 267 people, more than 200 of them Jews fleeing the war. The Jewish Agency’s Hagana militia carried out the bombing to prevent the ship from continuing its voyage to Mauritius, where the refugees were to be given safe haven and the hopes of eventually reaching such destinations as the USA, Canada, and Australia. But the Zionists apparently decided that if the Jewish refugees wouldn’t or couldn’t debark in Haifa to join the genocide of Palestine, it was better to kill them than let them escape.

These acts were not committed by an extremist fringe, but by militants representing the mainstream of the Zionist movement: Lehi, the Irgun, and the Hagana, the forerunners of today’s equally terrorist IDF. Nor was the terrorism deplored by most Zionists. The Jaffa District Commissioner noted in 1945 that “it is no exaggeration to say that the whole of the Jewish urban community is in sympathy” with the terrorists. Likewise, in recent years, polls have showed that the IDF’s periodic terrorist massacres of thousands of innocents in Gaza enjoy the support of more than 95% of Jewish Israelis. Clearly, with a bare handful of exceptions, virtually the entire Jewish Zionist community occupying Palestine has been and remains complicit in genocidal violence.

That genocidal violence is not an aberration; it is the bloody rotten heart of the entire Zionist project. As Suarez summarizes, “The moment the ethno-nationalist movement of Zionism set sights on Palestine as a settler state based on claims of genetic entitlement, there was no other possible outcome but the tragedy seen in today’s headlines. Terrorism — political violence against civilians — is the only means through which an indigenous population can be subjugated, dehumanized, and displaced.”

Suarez notes that much of the Zionists’ formative terrorism was the false flag variety, designed to be blamed on others. Among his examples: “about fifty Irgun members, ‘dressed in Battle dress or as Arabs’ attacked three RAF airfields on February 25 [1946]”; “at NaAmin Bridge south of Acre, Jews dressed as Arabs held up a police guard while about 20 armed Jews blew up the bridge”; Irgun militants “dressed as Arabs” bombed the night train from Kantara; “Five Jewish youths dressed as Arabs” bombed an oil installation; and of course the King David Hotel bombers dressed as Arabs to murder 91 people and injure 69 on July 22, 1946.

Zionist false flag terrorists have presumably succeeded in evading responsibility for most of their disguised attacks (why else would they keep doing it?), but they have been caught in the act several times. In July 1954, Zionists bombed post offices and cinemas in Cairo and Alexandria in a wave of terror that included planned massacres of British and American civilians. The attacks were designed to be blamed on Arabs. But on July 23 one of the bombs went off prematurely, leading to the terrorists’ capture and imprisonment in what became known as the Lavon Affair. After five decades of Zionist protestations that the truth was an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory,” the Israeli government finally confessed in 2005, and then held a ceremony conferring honors on the terrorists.

To this day, the Zionists absurdly protest that their June 8, 1967 massacre of American sailors on the unarmed spy ship USS Liberty was an accident (in fact, it was a false flag designed to provoke a US attack on Egypt). And despite ex-Mossad officers’ confessions that numerous high profile “Palestinian terror attacks” including the Entebbe hijacking and the Achille Lauro incident were Mossad false flags, Israel has not yet honored the terrorists responsible. Likewise the Zionists deny involvement in 9/11, and launch witch-hunts against professors such as Anthony Hall (University of Lethbridge) who speak out about it — despite the strong evidence presented in Christopher Bollyn’s book Solving 9/11.

The West, deceived by ceaseless Zionist propaganda, has allowed the world’s worst terrorists to continue their murderous rampage. Suarez’s book rips away the Zionist mask of respectability to reveal the terrorist monster that has always been lurking underneath. Readers of State of Terror are likely to draw the obvious conclusions about current events, and vow to help put an end to the Zionist genocide project.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 47, No. 7

Dhu al-Hijjah 21, 14392018-09-01

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