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Bloodthirsty Arabian dictatorships join US in military exercises

Crescent International

The armies of Arabian dictators have joined the US and its allies in war games in Jordan. Forces from nine Arabian countries are involved. Their purpose is clear: to find a pretext to launch a direct attack on Syria using ground troops to overthrow the government of President Bashar al Asad who has held out against the grand foreign conspiracy against all odds.

Tuesday May 6, 2015, 23:09 DST

Hot on the heels of announcing plans to create an “all-Arab army”, the militaries of Middle East dictatorships have joined the US and several of its allies in war games in Jordan. Dubbed “Eager Lion” by the Pentagon, the militaries of nine Arab dictatorships—Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Lebanon, and Iraq— are participating in the exercises.

The US has no worries about its Arabian client regimes being dictatorships; in fact, it prefers them that way. It is easy to deal with them. They have joined forces from the US, Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Australia and Pakistan for exercise that were launched yesterday (May 5) in Jordan close to the Syrian border. The two-week long exercises will last until May 19.

The “great” Arabian armies whose track record consists of surrendering at the first opportunity to invading Zionist army in every battle are hoping the US would wage their wars for them. Of course, this would not be against the army of the illegitimate entity, Zionist Israel, but against other Muslims.

The just launched exercises consist of the 10,000 troops the bulk of which are supplied by the US (5,000 troops). These include air, land, sea and special operations forces. It is not difficult to see what their purpose is. The exercises are meant to create a pretext for attacking Syria and Iraq directly where US warplanes are already carrying out operations under the guise of fighting the takfiri terrorists.

In recent days, the takfiris have made gains in Syria’s border region with Turkey, thanks to the supply of heavy weapons by the US and Turkey’s active support for the terrorists. Major General Rick Mattson, Director of Exercises and Training at the US Central Command, said the 2015 Eager Lion military exercises were the largest involving US and Jordanian forces since the series of drills began in 2011.

The purported purpose of the exercises is counterterrorism—a bogey frequently used to launch attacks against other countries. The timing and locale of the exercises are worrying. The Najdi Bedouins in the Arabian Peninsula have launched an attack against Yemen where thousands of civilians have been murdered since March 26. While announcing an end to air strikes on April 22, the bombing of Yemen has continued resulting in more civilian casualties. Even humanitarian aid is prevented from reaching the besieged people of Yemen.

In the exercises underway in Jordan, General Mattson said, "Everything available is dedicated to the success of the exercise," including the massive B-52 bombers. Another part of the exercise includes a direct flight by bombers from the US to Jordan to drop bombs on targets in the desert. American Special Forces have been training mercenaries for the war on Syria since 2012. They have caused havoc in Syria as well as in Iraq.

While the US and its allies claim they are fighting the takfiri terrorists, in reality they are financing, arming and supporting the terrorists’ murderous rampages through Syria and Iraq. The terrorists have now made their debut in Yemen as well where al Qaeda was already highly active. The US plans to expand its air strikes into other countries, including Libya and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula where the US-Saudi-Zionist backed dictator is having a tough time.

Other areas where the US plans to launch operations include Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, according to recent reports in the New York Times and the Washington Post. The real purpose of the exercises is two-fold: to find a pretext for direct military intervention in Syria as well as help Saudi war crimes against the freedom movement led by Ansar Allah in Yemen. In 10 days, the US will host most of these Arabian potentates at Camp David to sell them hundred of billions of dollars worth of more weapons that will be used against other Muslims.

“Saudi” Arabia is already the world’s largest importer of weapons. In 2010, it signed a $60 billion worth of arms deal with the US. Last year, two-bit player Canada also signed $15 billion worth of weapons agreement, much of which will be used to suppress internal dissent. The British and French have their own arms pipeline to the “Saudi” regime that is willing to fork out hundreds of billions of dollars to the war criminals as insurance policy to be allowed to remain on the throne. The “Saudis” have also paid more than $16 billion to the Zionist entity over the last two years despite having no diplomatic relations with it.

This in fact suits the Najdi Bedouins well since they can present a face to gullible Muslims that they do not truck with the killer of Muslims but in actual fact are in bed with them.


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