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The Muslim world: challenges and prospects

Zafar Bangash

The Muslim world is beset by numerous problems and some countries may even undergo further disintegration but the silver lining is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The resistance front is getting stronger. This should give hope to oppressed Muslims everywhere.

Those opposed to imperialist and Zionist manipulation and interference in Syria may feel that the failure to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Asad is cause for celebration. It is not the time for applause yet. Syria as a country has been virtually destroyed; millions of people have been displaced from their homes and turned into refugees, both internally and externally. For all practical purposes, Syria as a member of the resistance front against Zionist aggression has been badly damaged and lies incapacitated.

This was the intended purpose of the foreign conspirators and their regional and local proxies all along. The neocon agenda that was set out soon after 9/11 as revealed by General Wesley Clark in his Democracy Now interview on March 7, 2007, is on track. He listed seven countries the neocons wanted to attack: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and finishing off with Iran. Of these Iraq, Somalia and Libya have already been destroyed, the latter two smashed beyond recognition; Sudan has been divided while Syria is still being destroyed causing more than $100 billion in infrastructure damage. Only Islamic Iran has withstood the grand conspiracy, thanks to the sagacity of its leadership, the Islamic system of governance and support of the Iranian people. Lebanon, or more precisely, Hizbullah has been embroiled in the Syrian conflict and its energies diverted from resisting Zionist aggression although it is capable of fighting on multiple fronts.

There are other trouble spots in the Muslim world. As a result of US military aggression, Afghanistan has been smashed beyond the Stone Age while neighboring Pakistan’s social and political fabrics lie in ruin. Uncle Sam’s friendship has proved extremely costly for the people of Pakistan even if the country’s elite have benefitted from America’s handouts. The Pakistani military has been engulfed in fighting its own people, the consequences of which will be extremely damaging for the country’s future.

The destabilization game has continued apace elsewhere as well. Yemen is in turmoil; a democratically elected government in Egypt was overthrown by the military perpetrating a horrible massacre of thousands of innocent people. America’s regional puppets — Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Turkey — have been used to undermine neighboring countries including Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. With Muslims engulfed in their own problems, the Zionist occupiers of Palestine were able to unleash their massive fire on the defenceless people of Gaza leaving the besieged enclave in even greater ruin and its people further traumatized than before.

Under the present circumstances, there is serious risk to the territorial integrity of several countries. Iraq has already undergone a de facto partition with the Kurds running virtually an independent state in the north. The Kurds are a time bomb deliberately left in the midst of a number of countries when the Sykes-Picot agreement was imposed on the region exactly 100 years ago. The monstrosities that were created in the region, especially “Saudi” Arabia and Jordan, were meant to facilitate the implantation of the Zionist entity in the heartland of Islam. Zionist Israel has acted as a major destabilizing factor keeping the region in perpetual turmoil. Even “Saudi” Arabia is being set up for a fall. The treacherous “Saudi” (non-) royals, the bedouins from Najd, are too dumb to realize that Uncle Sam and his nephew Moshe are using them for their own nefarious agenda.

If 100 years ago, the Saudis and the Hashemites were injected with the poison of Arab nationalism to defeat the Ottoman Turks by branding them as “foreigners,” as if the British were a local Arabian tribe, today sectarianism is being spread to further divide Muslims. True, this has caused much conflict and suffering in the Muslim world but the overwhelming majority of Muslims do not want division or conflict, especially between Muslims. A 2013 survey found that two-thirds of Muslims worldwide wanted unity. This is a strong indicator that these divisions are artificially created.

What is different today from 100 years ago is that there is a functioning Islamic State in the world: the Islamic Republic of Iran. It has allies — Muslims as well as non-Muslims — throughout the world. Even many non-Muslims have realized the destructive nature of the Western imposed system and wish to have nothing to do with it. Western conspiracies to further divide Muslims will come up against the wall of resistance of the revolutionary Muslims. At the beginning of the last century, the leading Muslim power — Ottoman Turkey — was in decline; today, the leading Islamic power, the Islamic State of Iran, is in ascendance and gaining strength. It has been able to motivate Muslims in other parts of the world as well — in particular Hizbullah in Lebanon and Islamic Jihad and Hamas in Palestine — to stand up for their rights. There are other movements as well that have found inspiration from the spirit of resistance of the Iranian people.

While the challenges ahead are formidable, there is also growing awareness of what needs to be done. The most important realization is the understanding of the true nature of imperialism and Zionism. Awareness is the first step to liberation and victory. The Muslim world’s borders are systematically being obliterated but there was nothing sacrosanct about the borders created by the colonialists. Out of the ruins of this mess will emerge more confident Muslims who will know what their mission in life is and how to achieve it.

The darkest hour, as they say, is just before dawn!

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 1

Jumada' al-Ula' 10, 14362015-03-01

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