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Bani Saud’s Hypocrisy: Vulgar Female Rapper for Saudi Men, Abayas for Saudi Women!

Crescent International

Nicki Minaj, a female rapper known for her vulgar lyrics and semi-nude dresses will be performing in Jeddah on July 18.

The primitive regime made the announcement on July 3 as part of its drive to what it calls “easing restrictions on entertainment”.

The concert to be held in King Abdullah Sports Stadium in Jeddah will be open to everyone 16 years of age or older.

Jeddah, we need to remind ourselves, is the gateway to the kingdom for pilgrims wishing to perform Hajj or Umrah.

Being Hajj season, millions of pilgrims will be arriving in Jeddah within earshot of the loud music in the King Abdullah Stadium.

It must also be noted that the concert will be performed in the sacred month of Dhul Qadah, a few weeks prior to the month of Dhul Hijjah, another sacred month, in which Hajj is performed.

And to emphasize the point that the medieval kingdom led by clown prince Muhammad bin Salman is going full speed ahead on the highway of vulgarity, electronic visas for foreign visitors will be speeded up so that they can participate in the vulgarity fest.

Even the French news agency, Agence France Presse (AFP) was taken aback by the Saudi invitation to Nicki Minaj to perform.

“The female rapper is known for her outlandish, provocative style and hits like ‘Anaconda’; her lyrics are often laced with profanities,” AFP said in its report on July 4.

The French are not exactly models of modesty. Profanity and vulgarity are part of their culture yet even they seem to be appalled by Minaj’s appearance in, of all places, Saudi Arabia!

The regime’s hypocrisy demanding Saudi women to wear the abaya—the full-length dress—while attending the concert in which nudity and vulgarity will be on full display was not missed by some Saudi women.

One Saudi woman wearing a loose headscarf posted a profanity-laced video. In it she accused the regime of rank hypocrisy.

Posted on Twitter and viewed more than 37,000 times, the Saudi woman pointed to regime hypocrisy for inviting Minaj to perform but requiring Saudi women who attend the concert to wear the abaya!

The Saudis are notorious for such idiotic conduct.

A few years ago, a planeload of pilgrims arrived from North America to perform Hajj. Men accompanied their wives or mothers and stood in line to be processed by Saudi immigration officials in Jeddah.

The Saudi officials insisted that men and women must stand in separate lines, barricaded from each other by a glass partition.

While some pilgrims tried to explain to the Saudi officials that we are accompanying our wives or mothers, the Saudis would not listen.

They insisted on men and women making separate lines. Their argument was that most are non-mahrum (not related by blood or marriage) and thus not permitted to stand in the same line.

When it came to processing their passports and visas, it was male Saudi officials that handled both the male as well as female pilgrims!

Whatever happened to the issue of non-mahrum at that time?

Logic, rationality or decency do not exist in the medieval kingdom under the illegal rule of Bani Saud, the primitive Bedouins from Najd.

The Nicki Minaj concert in Jeddah is the latest example of their vulgar and idiotic conduct.

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