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Daily News Analysis

Bani Saud’s Hypocrisy: Vulgar Female Rapper for Saudi Men, Abayas for Saudi Women!

Crescent International

Dhu al-Qa'dah 01, 14402019-07-04

Nicki Minaj, a female rapper known for her vulgar lyrics and semi-nude dresses will be performing in Jeddah on July 18. The primitive regime made the announcement on July 3 as part of its drive to what it calls “easing restrictions on entertainment”.

Guest Editorial

The problem of culture in the modern Islamic State and movement

Abu Dharr

Rabi' al-Thani 03, 14272006-05-01

Al-mu'min mir'atu akhihi (“a committed Muslim is the mirror of his brother”). In other words, we Muslims should be building on our perceptions of each other. One should be able to identify one's own characteristics as a Muslim through the character andbehavior of another Muslim.

Special Reports

The misdirected goals of textbook revision

Yusuf Al-Khabbaz

Ramadan 18, 14252004-02-01

​Among the topics discussed at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) meeting in Kuwait in December was that of textbook revision...

'Muslims, the Family and Entertainment' - Live Dialogue

Yusuf Progler

Sha'ban 30, 14242003-10-26

Culture is nothing more than the way we live our lives, and it can be informed by religion or not. If you are asking about a more monolithic entity like "civilization" then maybe we can say that Muslim civilization has declined, but that is nothing new. All civilizations rise and fall, including the Western civilization. It is somehow natural, and civilization is what we make it. Culture, on the other hand, is more local and regional, more amorphous and less linked to material objects like monuments and cities, which are what we usually use to judge civilization.

'Islam, Culture and Identity' - Live Dialogue

Yusuf Progler

Sha'ban 02, 14242003-09-28

Generally speaking, there can be no single culture, since culture, as understood by social scientists today, refers to the way of life of a particular people at a particular time and place. Culture also has two dimensions, the material dimension and the symbolic dimension.

'Mental Illness in the Modern World: The Cultural Connections' - Live Dialogue

Yusuf Progler

Safar 19, 14232002-10-02

Understanding mental illness in the modern world entails grasping two issues: 1) how mental illness is defined over time and across cultures and who does the defining, and 2) accepting the recent evidence that the causes of many mental problems lie outside a person's head, e.g. in the realm of culture and society.

'Movies, T.V. and Society' - Live Dialogue

Yusuf Progler

Jumada' al-Akhirah 03, 14232002-08-12

TV has provided a way for people to consume images and ideas that the ordinary person would not have access to in the course of a typical life. However, while this might sound like a benefit -- and we are constantly reminded of this alleged benefit by the industries themselves -- TV is not simply about seeing new things. It is primarily about selling.

'Music and Sound Arts in the World of Islam' - Live Dialogue

Yusuf Progler

Jumada' al-Ula' 07, 14232002-07-17

What makes a particular sound art "Islamic." I have to say that any comments I make on this are indebted to the late scholar of music, Lois Lamya al-Faruqi, who really helped to define an Islamic epistemology of music. Rather than using Western categories of analysis, she developed categories that were descriptive of the sound arts based on Islamic principles and proceeding from the Quran.

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