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A Fault once Denied is Twice Committed

Abu Dharr

As we file away the events of the past seven years into our retention database, it is becoming crystal clear that the happenings along a corridor from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean are shaping up to become a grand demonstration of Islamic self-determination. The most recent telltale development in this regard is the freeing of Mosul from the clutches of mercenaries and misled Muslims who were either paid or brainwashed to fight a war the Zionists and imperialists could not fight.

The release of Mosul from the control of these duped agents is a victory that will go down in history books as the turning of the tide against the Israeli-Saudi-Imperialist-Shaytan (ISIS). In the years to come, when the dust begins to settle, Muslims of the world will be able to see that ISIS was not the hodge-podge of foot soldiers who were conned into a mis-identified jihad; rather ISIS was the coming together of Israeli makings, Saudi aptitude, and imperialist capacity. Their collapse in Mosul is an extremely important step forward on the way to full-Islamic self-actualization.

Let it be known that the Sunni ‘ulama’ of Iraq smothered a sectarian fitnah that could have spread like wildfire had they not stood firm against the Wahhabized elements who were indoctrinated by the wayward Saudis, recruited by the defunct Ba‘this, and let loose by the regional minions who report to Tel Aviv and Washington.

In the larger picture, the clearing of Mosul from the Saudi legionnaires is a triumph against the Israelis. The Israelis were using mistaken Muslims and even misled mu’mins to go to war against Israel’s mortal enemy: Islamic Iran. In their bone marrow, the Zionist Israelis feel the fall of Mosul. Along with these Israeli fight-the-other-with-the-other, the Saudi royals are wetting their thawbs (frocks). The Saudi axis of officials-of-fortune is showing symptoms of internal discord. Plunging into Yemen and dipping into Qatar is a sure-fire quagmire that the birdbrain Saudi bureaucrats are incapable of predicting or understanding.

Add to the pileup of Saudi miscalculations in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen the Saudi rush to Israel, and there is no way the Saudi family royale will escape the devastating consequences that are waiting to blow up in its face. Saudi diplomats and spokespersons are popping up here and there making public statements against the Palestinians… saying Hamas is a terrorist organization… al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun (the Muslim Brotherhood) is a terrorist organization… politically thinking Muslims are terrorists… Whether they know it or not, the Saudi representatives are tightening the noose around their imperial necks.

The Palestinian issue is a red line. All Muslims, from illiterate to highly educated, understand this. Resistance against Zionism and Israeli colonialism is an article of faith. Sayyid Hasan Nasrullah is a hero who survived Israel’s attempt to outflank him in Iraq and Syria while King Salman is an anti-hero who will go down in history as being the Ibn Sallul, Yazid, and Sadat, combined, of our time.

The defeat of ISIS will not terminate plans to kindle “Sunni-Shi‘i” strife wherever there is enough “Muslim” ignorance to do so. The popular mobilization of the Iraqi people to defeat ISIS has proved its merit. How about duplicating this people’s mobilization in Syria, Lebanon, and elsewhere? Now the arc of victory (as opposed to the Shi‘i Crescent) that extends from Tehran to Tripoli is coming of age. We can count now two triumphs: the popular mobilization in Iraq and the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon. Saudi Arabia has been defeated directly in Iraq and indirectly in Lebanon; correspondingly, Israel has been defeated directly in Lebanon (2006) and indirectly in Iraq. The Saudi-Israeli duo is commiserating their political and military losses.

We anticipate the full rehabilitation of Iraq in the not too distant future with the hope that it can offer the rest of the Muslims a model that is trans-sectarian and anti-Israel. History illustrates that the victor shows no mercy to the vanquished. We expect that the winner in Iraq will oblige the loser. Wars generate a sense of “revenge.” Our prayers petition a grace from Allah (swt) to preclude any revenge. Or else Iraq will never see the light of day.

The “deep state” is going back to the drawing board. Syria did not collapse as planned. Iraq did not cave in as planned. Lebanon did not fail as planned. The whole area will see some tectonic shifts in the not too distant future. The “golden age” of the filthy rich Arabians is quickly fading. The same way global warming is threatening the Arctic pole, global damning is threatening the Arabian Peninsula.

The capital crazed warmongers lost their wars in Iraq and Syria; now they want to win wars in Qatar and Saudia. The scale of winning and losing is the “Israeli interest.” When the Israeli interest is safeguarded, the war is won; when the Israeli interest is shattered, the war is lost.

The liberation of Mosul cannot be overstated. We have an international mass media syndicate that is downplaying this heroic victory. In the Saudi financed Arabian media they have coined the term “Iranian project.” There is no such thing as an Iranian project. If there is any project it is the project to liberate Palestine. And the mission to liberate Palestine, emanating from Islamic Iran is non-sectarian and inclusive of all people who are freedom seekers and justice lovers.

Islamic Iran’s strategy is to liberate Palestine. If you can’t see and understand that by now you need more than an ophthalmologist and a cardiologist. Saudi Arabia’s strategy is to normalize or even fraternize relations with Zionist Israel. If you can’t see that by now you are under the influence of shaky shaykhs or imposter imams.

Was it not the Saudi and Emirati paymasters who bankrolled the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan? Are we far off if we were to trace the origins of Da‘ish to its predecessors, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, and their subsidizing Saudis and the clandestine sponsorship of imperialist Washington and Zionist Tel Aviv? These same Saudis, on orders from their lords in Washington and Tel Aviv, then turned against their darling Taliban and their cute Qaeda.

By the way, this writer has never experienced any “sectarianism” coming from the decision makers in Islamic Iran or from the associates of Hizbullah. They are, on record and in character, promoters of Islamic togetherness and friendship. This sectarianism can be easily trailed to Saudi Arabia and its miniature clones in the Arabian Peninsula. For the record, Shi‘i sectarians are as averse to Islamic Iran as they are to Hizbullah. Sunni and Shi‘i sectarians share the same opponent: Islamic Iran and Hizbullah. And wouldn’t you know it: the Israelis also consider Islamic Iran and Hizbullah as their enemy.

The emancipation of Mosul from the clutches of Da‘ish should teach us how wrong some Muslims were and how easy it is to fool other Muslims. To nudge our memory a bit: committed Muslims cannot forget how the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf potentates opened up their budgets and funds without end for Da‘ish in its first year. They inundated Da‘ish with all sorts of assistance: in the media, in the field, with intelligence, and with volunteers. Individuals were pledging allegiance to al-Baghdadi on al-Jazeera. Qatar played a role that had Iraqi Sunnis doubt and fear Iraqi Shi‘is in government positions.

Some Saudi shaykhs like al-‘Arifi, ‘Adnan ‘Ar‘ur, and others were calling Da‘ish their brothers. These shaykhs said that in their dreams they saw angels fighting with Da‘ish. Our memory still has the image of the Turkish borders wide open for Da‘ish and its types to cross back and forth without any hindrance. It is not easy to forget the Zionists offering their clinics and hospitals to treat Da‘ish casualties. We say this not to add insult to injury but to learn from our errors and from our fatal mistakes.

We will need a period to heal our psychological wounds. The enemies will try their best to deny us that opportunity. Our faith is unshakeable. The pushback and rollback of one sectarian scheme is not the end of the road. But now we are better equipped to prepare for a promising future, “Those, therefore, who shall have confidence in him [Muhammad], and honor him, and support him, and follow the light that has been bestowed from on high through him — it is they that shall be abounding” (7:157).

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 6

Dhu al-Qa'dah 08, 14382017-08-01

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