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Muharram, 14442022-08-01

Crescent International Vol. 51, No. 6

Main Stories

Pakistan’s Unending Political Crisis

Zafar Bangash

Among states, Pakistan seems to be particularly unfortunate. Each time it is on the verge of stabilizing politically and economically, vested interests disrupt the process bringing to power criminals and murderers. This is what is being witnessed today.

Main Stories

Russia-China-Iran Alliance: Will the West’s Suicide Bring World Peace?

Kevin Barrett

The stupidity of US foreign policy elites has driven Russia, China and Iran closer together into an alliance that will consign US pretensions of being a global power into the dustbin of history. The world will definitely be a much safer place for it.


A Tale of Two Summits

Zafar Bangash

Last month there were two summits: one in Jeddah on July 16 and the other in Tehran on July 19. In the first, Joe Bident tried to cajole Arabian regimes back into US subservience but failed. In the second, Iran, Russia and Turkey struck a bold new vision for the future.


No Man can Safely Govern that would Not Willingly become Subject

Abu Dharr

The Prophet (pbuh) set an example of a selfless decision-maker and a noble leader. This unselfish character in the highest office of the ummah was illustrated by both Abu Bakr and ‘Umar before ‘Uthman with the proviso that they themselves admitted; i.e. they are imperfect and vulnerable as are all human beings.

News & Analysis

Iran-Russia Relations Take Giant Steps Forward

Waseem Shehzad

The global geostrategic situation is changing rapidly. New players have emerged to challenge US piracy and gangsterism. Islamic Iran has emerged as an important player in this new set-up. Its massive financial, economic, political and strategic agreements are laying the foundations of a new global order.

News & Analysis

August 5: Another Grim Anniversary for Kashmiris Under Hindu Settler Colonialism

Tahir Mahmoud

Kashmiris and their friends worldwide will commemorate another August 5 anniversary as a dark chapter in their long struggle for freedom from brutal Indian occupation. Regrettably, much of the world does not care for the plight of the Kashmiris because they want trade with India. Human rights take a back seat.

News & Analysis

Disastrous Consequences of Military Rule in Pakistan

Zafar Bangash

Of all the institutions of state, the military is the most powerful in Pakistan. Regrettably, it has interfered in politics since the very beginning even though it played no part in the creation of Pakistan. We examine its disastrous role in civil affairs.

News & Analysis

Israeli Jewish Reporter Snooping in Makkah and Arafat!

Ayman Ahmed

Muslims worldwide have been dismayed to learn that an Israeli Jewish reporter managed to sneak into Makkah and even visit Arafat, reporting for Channel 13 in the zionist entity. How did he get there when non-Muslims are not allowed in Makkah? The Saudis have a lot to answer for.

News & Analysis

Russia and The Global Energy Markets

Ahmet Mehmet

Russia is a very important producer of natural gas and oil. It is also one of the leading exporters of grain. It cannot be isolated in the global energy markets. Those that try to do so will themselves suffer badly as Germany and a number of European countries are experiencing.

News & Analysis

Rohingya Genocide Survivors Can’t Wait for Generations

Iqbal Jassat

The Rohingya refugees languishing in squalid Bangladeshi camps have all but been forgotten by the world. They deserve better. Their case has been taken up at the International Criminal Court by Gambia over the objections of Myanmar. Other countries must join Gambia to advance the case of the Rohingya refugees.

News & Analysis

Europe Faces Dark, Cold Winter


Devastated by the pandemic, Europe has suffered another blow: sanctions against Russia over its war in Ukraine has caused the latter’s reduction in gas supplies to the continent. Massive price rises and civil unrest have followed. Will the winter witness a flood of European refugees to the Middle East? It cannot be discounted.

News & Analysis

Political Crisis continues in Iraq amid demands for new elections

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Iraq continues to reel under political instability because the various political factions cannot agree to work with each other. Muqtada al-Sadr seems to be at the heart of the political impasse because of his sudden shifts in what he wants. The people of Iraq suffer.

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