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Dhu al-Hijjah, 14432022-07-01

Crescent International Vol. 51, No. 5

Main Stories

Pakistan: How Not to Run the Affairs of State

Zafar Bangash

Pakistan’s political crisis has led to a deep economic paralysis of the country. It is being pushed into default. For personal ambition and power, people are literally destroying the country. The only solution lies in changing the entire system that is thoroughly corrupt and has not served the interests of the people since Pakistan came into existence.

Main Stories

Israel on His Mind as Biden Heads to the Middle East

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Joe Biden will be heading to the Middle East later this month. He has made clear it is to secure Israel, meaning that he will push for Saudi recognition of the zionist entity. Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Mohammad bin Salman is desperate for rehabilitation following his involvement in the gruesome murder of Jamal Khashoggi that made him an international pariah.


Who should Administer the Affairs of Hajj?


After two years of restrictions, Muslims were looking forward to performing Hajj but the Saudis have imposed new restrictions especially for pilgrims from North America, Europe and Australia. We have long argued that Hajj administration should be taken out of Saudi control. They are not the owners of Hajj and unfit to run its affairs.


Saudis Impose New Restrictions on Hajj

Zafar Bangash

While only a million pilgrims will be allowed to perform Hajj this year—an improvement on the last two years—the Saudis have sourced out the system to a Hindu fascist outfit. It will be a “lottery” system, akin to gambling. This is forbidden in Islam. Saudi policies clearly show they are unfit to administer the affairs of Hajj.


Most Men can Stand Adversity, But to Test a Person’s Character, Give Him Power

Abu Dharr

Relations between Imam Ali and the Khulafa were always cordial. The Ahlul Bayt also maintained a good attitude towards them, contrary to some sectarians. While sectarianism exists on both sides, there are prominent Shi‘i scholars who have shown respect for the khulafa and urged their followers to do likewise.

News & Analysis

Players, Instigators and Financiers of the Islamophobia industry

Khadijah Ali

Islamophobia is not a chance phenomenon. There are powerful forces behind it pushing this racist ideology to demonize Muslims. It has led to deadly consequences. The financiers, instigators and players are exposed in this article.

News & Analysis

India’s Deep-seated Hatred of Muslims and Islam

Kurshid Alam

India has not only targeted its Muslim citizens, those Muslims that protest against such crimes have their houses demolished. It is straight out of the zionist playbook. Hindu India and zionist Israel have close relations and follow each other’s policies in targeting Muslims and Christians in their midst.

News & Analysis

Britain’s Racist Deportation Policy on Asylum Seekers!

Tahir Mahmoud

Britain wants to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. It has made a deal with the Rwandan regime. While the deportation was stopped last month, the Boris Johnson regime is determined to implement this racist policy. No such policy is being instituted for refugees from Ukraine showing clearly that Britain remains a deeply racist country.

News & Analysis

Syrian Refugees No Longer Welcome in Erdogan’s Turkey

Ahmet Mehmet

For more than a decade, Turkish President Recep Erdogan exploited the plight of Syrian refugees to invade and occupy parts of Syria. His forces still occupy Idlib province in Syria but the Turks have soured on the refugees. Erdogan now wishes to get rid of them since his mission to overthrow the government of Bashar al Asad has failed.

News & Analysis

US Coerces Other States to Join in Its Piracy of Iranian Oil on the High Seas

Waseem Shehzad

Stealing other people’s resources and assets is a long-time US policy. It has in recent years resorted to piracy on the high seas of Iranian tankers. Now it coerces other countries as well to join in such piracy. When Greece tried to do that, Iran reacted sharply and gave a fitting reply. Greece had to back off but it may not be the end of US piracy.

News & Analysis

IAEA’s Anti-Iran Resolution Passed Under Political Pressure

Tahir Mustafa

Under pressure from the US and on instructions from the zionist entity, the IAEA passed an anti-Iran resolution at its meeting of the Board of Governors. Iran condemned the move and in turn cut off IAEA access to its nuclear sites by turning off the monitoring cameras. Western gangsterism has to be confronted vigorously.

News & Analysis

Russia Is Winning in Ukraine: Get Ready for the Post-American Century

Kevin Barrett

The US and its allies have made a strategic mistake by provoking the war in Ukraine with Russia. Ukraine has lost the war and the west, especially the US will pay a heavy price for this folly. The American century is over before it hardly began.

News & Analysis

Impact of Ukraine War on US-Europe Relations

Tahir Mahmoud

As the war in Ukraine grinds on, the essential geopolitical strategy for Russia will be to continue to create divergences between Europe and the US. For Washington, the primary geopolitical angle of its proxy-war in Ukraine against Russia is to retain Europe within its framework of how to deal with Russia.

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