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Sha'ban, 14422021-04-01

Crescent International Vol. 50, No. 2

Main Stories

America’s Growing List of Manufactured Enemies

Zafar Bangash

America’s addiction to war necessitates the manufacture of enemies. The warlords in Washington deliberately provoke conflicts because it helps sell weapons at exorbitant prices raking in billions of dollars in profits.

Main Stories

Western Complicity in Israeli Crimes against Palestinians

Ayman Ahmed

Zionist Israel is perpetrating horrific crimes against the Palestinian people. Almost all Western regimes offer blind support, thereby making them complicit in such crimes against innocent people.


Global Merchants of Death


While it is well known that global spending on weapons is extremely high, in the last five years this has reached a staggering total of $1.92 trillion. The US leads the world in military spending with an annual budget of $732 billion, far out-spending its nearest rival China at $261 billion.


New, Distinctive Translation of the Noble Qur’an

Zafar Bangash

The divine Word of Allah—the noble Qur’an—must not only be read but understood in order to implement its message in our lives. For this reason, a new distinctive translation of the noble Qur’an has been prepared so that Muslims can begin to engage it in a more meaningful way.


The Only Known Cure for Ignorance is Education

Abu Dharr

Thoughtful Muslims need to understand that everything attributed to our beloved Prophet (pbuh) may not necessarily be correct. There were some characters in early Islamic history that attributed to the noble Messenger (pbuh) statements that he could not have said because they contradicted the Qur’an.

News & Analysis

Islamophobia in Europe: What’s a Muslim to Do?

Kevin Barrett

Failing to attract Muslims to their hedonistic culture, Western regimes have embarked on policies prohibiting Muslim practices. France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain are in the forefront of this vicious campaign of Islamophobia.

News & Analysis

Iraq’s Identity Crisis

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

There is an intense struggle underway in Iraq between secularists and the Islamic movement. Unfortunately, the latter too has not fully shed sectarian tendencies despite the fact that it is the land of Prophets as well as great Imams.

News & Analysis

The Modalities of US-China Tensions

Tahir Mahmoud

Will the US take on China militarily? It is highly unlikely because the Washington warlords know they would face almost certain defeat. Instead, the US is creating alliances with various countries to confront China both economically and militarily.

News & Analysis

India’s Fascism on Steroids

Khurshid Alam

Since the rise of Narendra Modi to power in India, Fascism has come out in the open targeting religious minorities. Muslims and Dalits are the principal targets but other religious groups—Sikhs and Christians—are also not spared

News & Analysis

Biden’s Choices in Afghanistan: Withdraw or be Driven Out!

Zia Sarhadi

Joe Biden is beginning to have second thoughts about withdrawing all US forces from Afghanistan. Should he fail to honour the February 29, 2020 agreement his predecessor signed with the Taliban, there is every likelihood of intensification of conflict resulting is US forces driven out Afghanistan in ignominy.


Living the Spirit of Ramadan

Khadijah Ali

Ramadan is much more than going without food, water or other bodily pleasures for some hours during the day. Fasting should lead to the building of an upright character that is at peace with its Creator as well as with His creation.

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