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Rabi' al-Thani, 14382017-01-01

Crescent International Vol. 45, No. 11

Main Stories

Samantha Power, have you no shame?

Khadijah Ali

American officials of all stripes shamelessly tell lies and even make scandalous allegations against others. The latest to join this long list is US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power.

News & Analysis

West grief-stricken at Aleppo’s liberation

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

Didn’t the Western rulers and their media tell us that they are opposed to the takfiri terrorists? So why are they so grief-stricken at the terrorists’ defeat in Aleppo?

News & Analysis

Welcome home ISIS! The Obama administration’s plan to reintegrate foreign terrorist fighters

John Andrew Morrow

Far from fighting the takfiri terrorists, the US wants to reintegrate them into society. In fact, they are being kept on hold for mischief and mayhem elsewhere in the Muslim world.


The sons of Saud: the scions of Zion

Abu Dharr

The clannish rulers of Arabia have abandoned the values of Islam and reverted back to the days of Jahiliyah before Islam. Instead of being slaves of Allah, they are slaves of the Shaytan.

Editor's Desk

Thousands of Saudi terrorists active abroad


In an astonishing admission, the Saudi Interior Ministry admitted to Al Hayat newspaper that there are thousands of Saudi terrorists operating in different countries. This is what this newsmagazine had repeatedly stated. The Bani Saud have now confirmed this.


Aleppo’s liberation victory for Resistance front

Zafar Bangash

While the Syrian government and army can rightly claim credit for the liberation of Aleppo, it did not come about without the sacrifices of Hizbullah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.


Rising tide of Islamophobia in the West

Zafar Bangash

Islamophobia has not only become official with the election of Donald Trump in the US, it is spreading like a virus throughout Europe as well.


The Afghans’ unending agony

Zafar Bangash

The people of Afghanistan face another grim anniversary as their rulers—all puppets of the West—continue to enjoy the perks of office. Their days, however, appear numbered.

News & Analysis

Pakistan’s young parliamentarians focus on Kashmir

Zia Sarhadi

The ongoing tragedy and suffering of the people of Kashmir will be the focus of a conference organized by Pakistan’s young parliamentarians in Islamabad on January 5 and 6. Parliamentarians, academics and activists from all over the world will attend the two-day event.

News & Analysis

Nardaran events’ long-term repercussions for Azerbaijan

Our Caucasus correspondent

Whereas the Aliyev regime’s brutal crackdown of Islamic activists has failed to cow them down, it will in fact result in the shortening of the regime’s shelf-life.

Islamic Movement

Getting Kashmir’s priorities to the table

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

The legitimate representatives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, not the current fake leaders ensconced in Srinagar in cahoots with the Hindu fascists, should decide the future of the state.

Special Reports

Iran’s economy: it’s not only about economics

Tahir Mahmoud

Unlike most other countries, Iran’s economy is deeply linked to its political and security situation. Without taking this aspect into consideration, its economis progress cannot be properly evaluated.

Special Reports

How free is the West’s ‘free media’? - WashingtonsBlog


The West’s corporate media has successfully projected its image as being free and objective. In this article titled, ‘US Government has long used propaganda against the American people’, first posted on January 18, 2016, WashingtonsBlog provides some interesting insights. It is reproduced here through their courtesy.

Letters To The Editor

Fake videos, media lies about Syria

Shahnaz Mirza

Western lies augmented by fake videos about events in Syria are coming thick and fast from their agents, writes Shahnaz Mirza.

Letters To The Editor

Erdogan really changed his policy?

Mehmet Alparsalan

Has Recept Tayip Erdogan really changed his policy about Syria, asks letter writer,Mehmet Alparsalan.

Letters To The Editor

People of Kashmir need our help

Israr Ahmed Butt

Realizing the terrible plight of the Kashmiri people, Israr Ahmed Butt asks Muslims and other justice-loving people to lend their support to them.

Letters To The Editor

Nasty Modi

Shamshad Ali Khan

How nasty is Narendra Modi? Even Indians admit he is a disgrace and has the blood of innocent people on his hands.

Letters To The Editor

Thanks CI!

Abdullah Umar

Long-time reader Abdullah Umar finds Crescent International’s coverage of Muslim and global events enlightening and far ahead of others.

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