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Dhu al-Hijjah, 14342013-11-01

Crescent International Vol. 42, No. 9

Main Stories

Policy course correction by Hamas

Tahir Mustafa

The Palestinians have suffered for decades. If it is not at the hands of the zionists, then the faulty decisions of their leaders cause misery. This is what Hamas did recently . Is the leadership about to make a course correction?


Droning innocent people to death

Zafar Bangash

Drones have become the weapon of choice for the US because no American casualties are involved. If innocents are killed, that is just “collateral damage”.


Libya destroyed beyond repair

Zafar Bangash

Following its “liberation” by the West, Libya has descended into absolute chaos. To the grim reality of life for people must now be added the distinct possibility of Libya breaking up along tribal lines.


Changed global environment

Zafar Bangash

The limits of US power have been shown by events, particularly the ongoing tragedy in Syria. The world’s principal troublemakers, the Saudis and the Zionists, are most upset since their nefarious agendas no longer work.


From brother to brother

Abu Dharr

The Ikhwan al-Muslimun have suffered greatly in Egypt but they have also made some terrible mistakes none of which match the “exclusivist” bug that has infected the thinking of some of their leaders.


Malala and Nabeela: a tale of two girls

Khadijah Ali

The manner in which the plight of two Pakistani girls—Malala and Nabeela—has been addressed or not addressed, says much about the West’s policies and values.

News & Analysis

US-Zionist-Saudi defeat in Syria

Jamshed Abbas

The foreign conspirators—the US-Wahhabi-zionist trio—trying to destroy Syria have suffered a humiliating defeat. Their backing of the cannibalistic opponents of the regime has exposed their sponsors and caused global revulsion.

News & Analysis

Iran, P5+1 to resume nuclear talks in Geneva

Zafar Bangash

Representatives from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1 group of countries are to resume discussions in Geneva on November 7. The follow up meeting within three weeks of the first round is seen as a good sign.

News & Analysis

Saudis retreat to the tent to sulk amid policy failures

Yusuf Dhia-Allah

The Saudi intelligence chief, Bandar bin Sultan is a worried man these days. He has plotted to have the Americans attack Syria by supplying chemical weapons to the rebels. Instead, recent developments have left the Saudis exposed and sulking.

News & Analysis

Turkish spymaster irks the Zionists

Ahmet Aslan

The Zionists are furious; their agents in Iran were arrested and they blaming the Turkish intelligence chief who refuses to toe the US or Zionist line, unlike his predecessors.

News & Analysis

US drone strikes come on global radar screen

Zia Sarhadi

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have questioned US drone strikes and say those that authorize them may face war crimes charges. The UN has also condemned them.

News & Analysis

Sudan’s descent into political chaos

Ayesha Alam

With Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya and Syria engulfed in flames, how long could Sudan have been left unaffected?

Special Reports

Inside the mind of the takfiris in Syria

Omar Kayed

Writing in the Saudi newspaper, Al-Hayat, Omar Kayed exposes the medieval mindset of the takfiris and how far removed are they from the teachings of Islam.

Special Reports

Observations from Occupied Palestine, Part 1

Eva Bartlett

The daily suffering and humiliation of Palestinian civilians at the hands of the Zionists is captured by Eva Bartlett, an International Solidarity Movement activist, who has spent much time in Occupied Palestine.

Special Reports

Reflecting on the legacy of ‘Allal al-Fassi

Zainab Cheema

The story of a Moroccan anti-colonialist struggler, Allal al-Fassi is traced in exacting detail to remind Muslims of the rich legacy of Muslim heroes.

Editor's Desk

Alarming rise in dowry-related deaths in India


India claims to be the world’s largest democracy and that it is making great economic progress but none of this has trickled to the women of India. Dowry-related deaths have increased alarmingly and are drawing attention.

Letters To The Editor

Ikhwan in Egypt

Ahmed Abul Khayr

The military regime has failed to crush the Ikhwan but Egypt faces a grim future.

Letters To The Editor


Shahid Maqbool

Islamophobia is a disease. It started when the message of Islam was first proclaimed.

Letters To The Editor

No more superpowers

George Callaghan

America can no longer scare others into towing its line through its military might.

Letters To The Editor

Power of du‘a (prayer)

Abdulaziz-ul-Haqq ibn Orozco

Du‘a must be accompanied by logical action to achieve the desired results.

Letters To The Editor

Lunatic House of Saud

Mohammed H. Siddiq

Neither the Saudi ruler nor King Abdullah are fit to rule the Arabian Peninsula.

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