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Muharram, 14232002-04-01

Crescent International Vol. 31, No. 3

Book Review

A western polemic against the Islamic movement disguised as academic study of Indonesia

Iqbal Siddiqui

Civil Islam: Muslims and Democratization in Indonesia by Robert W. Hefner. Pub: Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, USA, 2000. Pp: 286. Pbk: $17.95 / £12.95.


Dr Kalim Siddiqui’s lessons for all Muslims today


This month marks the sixth anniversary of the death of Dr Kalim Siddiqui (r.a). On April 18, 1996, he suffered his last heart attack in Pretoria, South Africa, at the end of another successful Crescent International conference and lecture tour.


Sharing the profits of crime: why the US feels such an affinity with the zionists

Yusuf Al-Khabbaz

The Jews are pillaging Palestine, and the world is looking away. A few feeble-minded declarations and toothless resolutions notwithstanding, no one with the capability to say or do anything of substance seems to care.

Islamic Movement

Dr Kalim Siddiqui: Muslim political culture as a basis for the unity of the Ummah

Crescent International

This month marks the sixth anniversary of the death of Dr KALIM SIDDIQUI, one of the leading intellectuals of the contemporary Islamic movement. Here we reprint an abridged version of an article first published in 1983.

Occupied Arab World

Damnation for sale at the Dubai Shopping Festival

A Contributor in Dubai

Twenty million dirhams required to make it “a world class event, the first of its kind in the Middle East, featuring live dances by world-renowned dance troupes from 5 continents, combined with a unique laser show, to be completed with the most well-choreographed fireworks display ever seen in this part of the world.”

Occupied Arab World

Cheney’s Middle East tour defined by Arab rulers’ fear that regime change in Iraq would set a bad precedent

Abul Fadl

During his recent gruelling 10-day, 12-country tour of the Middle East and Britain, US vice president Dick Cheney hoped to build a case for an Afghan-style war against Iraq...

Occupied Arab World

Lebanese capture of Israeli spy ring reveals details of zionist operations against Hizbullah

Abul Fadl

Lebanese authorities have broken up a spy ring that provided Israel with information about the activities of the Hizbullah-led Islamic resistance in Lebanon, as well as of the military positions and activities of the Lebanese and Syrian armies...

Occupied Arab World

Palestinians keep up resistance as Arab states plan another sell-out

Zafar Bangash

The second intifada has developed a life of its own, as the blows delivered by Palestinian mujahideen on two consecutive days (March 20 and 21) showed, even as frantic efforts were under way to save the zionist occupiers by an American-brokered ceasefire.

Occupied Arab World

‘War on terrorism’ preparing to move to Yemen and the Horn of Africa

M.A. Shaikh

The increasing activity of US military and intelligence officers in Somalia — and the need in general to justify the extension of the “war on terror” — led Washington to announce on March 18 that it had found incontrovertible evidence linking al-Qaeda to Islamic activists in Somalia.

South-East Asia

US war drums in south east Asia spell end of regional calm

Abdar Rahman Koya

South East Asia has enjoyed relative peace since the end of US involvement in Vietnam two decades ago. Border disputes have been largely controlled, with governments maintaining a neutral zone through the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), which has been hailed as a model regional pact.


American propaganda about war in Afghanistan exposed by continuing resistance

Zia Sarhadi

Despite making tall claims about wiping out Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters in the Shahi Kot mountains, reports from the area reveal a very different picture. Figures given out by the US for its latest operation, codenamed Operation Anaconda, after the snake that squeezes its prey to death, mention an estimated 1,000 Taliban...


Picture politics lead to clashes in the streets of Bangladesh

Shafiqul Islam

Dead people, especially if they happen to be political leaders, assume a stature larger than life in many ‘third world’ countries. Politicians in Bangladesh, however, have turned the worship of dead leaders into a religious cult.


Amnesty report on China’s dealings with Muslims highlights failures of Muslim countries

A Correspondent in Singapore

Human rights organisation Amnesty International has confirmed reports of continued repression by Beijing of its Muslim population.

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