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Ramadan, 14232002-12-01

Crescent International Vol. 31, No. 19

Book Review

Best available critique of the West’s plans for war against Iraq

Laila Juma

A few weeks ago this author reviewed two very different books, both aiming to reintroduce basic historic facts to the current debate on the US’s planned war on Iraq (Crescent International, November 1-15, 2002). The two took very different approaches, but complimented each other well.


Hamas leading Palestinians against all enemies


Israel stepped up operations in the West Bank and Ghazzah last month after two successful operations by Palestinian mujahideen: one against Israeli forces in al-Khalil on November 15, one a martyrdom bombing in Jerusalem.


Science and medicine in the light of the Seerah

Ghada Ramahi

The ICIT held its second International Seerah Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in October. Here we publish the paper presented at the conference by GHADA M RAMAHI.

Occupied Arab World

International and oil politics behind America’s plans for Iraq and the region

Zafar Bangash

A lethal brew of raw imperial ambition and personal greed, not the claims of US president George Bush that he intends to eliminate Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, is behind the drive for a renewed onslaught on Iraq...

Occupied Arab World

Jordan targets Islamic activists in Ma’an ahead of US’s Iraq war

Nasr Salem

The first shots in the war on Iraq were fired in Jordan when King Abdullah II sent tanks into the city of Ma’an, 215 kilometres (135 miles) south of Amman, the capital, to capture or kill besieged Islamic activists. The sweep, which set off fierce gun-battles in some of the city’s neighbourhoods, is widely regarded as a pre-emptive measure in case a US offensive against Iraq comes about...

Occupied Arab World

America’s Kurdish ‘allies’ fearful of consequences of war in Iraq

Nasr Salem

Now that Washington’s massive diplomatic offensive against Baghdad has succeeded in getting the UN weapons-inspectors back into Iraq, the US government seems to have inched one step closer to its ostensible goal of deposing Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. Since its war against Afghanistan ended, the US has been looking for a pretext to wage war against Iraq...

South-East Asia

Indonesian Muslims reject official propaganda against Islamic groups

Abdar Rahman Koya

Despite desperate attempts by the police to convince a sceptical public by broadcasting suspects’ confessions on television, most Indonesians still disbelieve allegations of local Muslim groups’ involvement in the Bali carnage of October 12...


Ummah likely to be split over Eid as Saudis announce the wrong date as usual

Crescent International

Although Muslims worldwide started the month of Ramadhan on the correct day, there is growing concern that similar unity may elude them when it comes to celebrating Eid. The Saudis’ Um al-Qura calendar has already declared Eid on Thursday, December 5...


Little hope for Muslim political prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Faisal Bodi

As Eid ul-Fitr looms, spare a thought for the 625 Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who, deprived of their dignity and freedom, do not even know when, or whether, they will ever celebrate the festival at home with their families.


Turkey’s secular Islamists satisfy West as to their good intentions

M.A. Shaikh

Turkey’s Justice and Development Party (AKP), which was a convincing victor in the parliamentary elections on November 3, and has now formed a government, has been variously described in the Western media as ‘Islamist’, ‘rooted in ‘Islam,’ and even ‘Islamic-tinged’.


Imam Jamil facing new charges

Tahir Mahmoud

Among the many Muslim political prisoners in the world, the case of Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin stands out as quite extraordinary. Convicted of murder last February in a trial that can only be described as bizarre, Imam Jamil has now been moved from the Reedsville prison...

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