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Ghada Ramahi


Book Review

Zionist think-tank in Washington charts course of US policy towards Islamic Iran

Ghada Ramahi

Ramadan 11, 14302009-09-01

Iran Under Khatami: A Political, Economic, and Military Assessment by Patrick Clawson et al. Pub: The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Washington DC, 1998. Pp. 114. Pbk. US$19.95.

Islamic Movement

Who gives the right to resist?

Ghada Ramahi

Jumada' al-Akhirah 25, 14262005-08-01

In the second paper we are publishing from the IHRC conference “Towards a New Liberation Theology”, GHADA RAMAHI discusses the right to resist. In its attempt to reconstruct humanity, the contemporary state system has given itself the authority to delegate rights to inhabitants of the earth...


Science and medicine in the light of the Seerah

Ghada Ramahi

Ramadan 26, 14232002-12-01

The ICIT held its second International Seerah Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in October. Here we publish the paper presented at the conference by GHADA M RAMAHI.


Muslims (and a few others) meet in the Islamic state to celebrate Imam Khomeini’s life and work

Ghada Ramahi

Rajab 22, 14201999-11-01

Iran held a major International Congress on “The Elucidation of the Islamic Revolution” in Tehran from October 2-4, to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Imam Khomeini.

Special Reports

Muslims and the west’s sporting industry

Ghada Ramahi

Jumada' al-Akhirah 21, 14201999-10-01

Prince Faisal bin Fahad, the son of king Fahad of Saudi Arabia, who has died at the age of 54, had been general manager for the Ministry of Youth and Sports since the late 1970s. The cause of his death was surrounded with vagueness and conflicting accounts.

Book Review

American critics highlight the genocidal nature of West's policies against Iraq

Ghada Ramahi

Rabi' al-Awwal 02, 14201999-06-16

The development and perfection of methods of mass-destruction must be counted one of the greatest accomplishments of the Eurocentric western civilization. No other civilization in history has shown such callous disregard for humanity and human life as this one.


Political implications of Muslim allegiance to western science and technology

Ghada Ramahi

Muharram 29, 14201999-05-15

There is a persistent perception nowadays that a country’s national and international strength is largely determined by its ability to create and utilize science and technology. In an extremely materialistic world, this has become the criterion by which a nation is placed in the family of modern nations.

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