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Jumada' al-Ula', 14232002-08-01

Crescent International Vol. 31, No. 11

Book Review

Study of political Islam reveals fundamental flaws in Western attempts to understand Islam

Laila Juma

After the strident and aggressive tone of much Western writing about Islam in the last few months, it is almost a pleasure to read this much more moderated, thoughtful and sympathetic study of Muslim politics. This is only partly because it was published in 2000, long before the events of last September...


The deep and routine suffering of Muslims


Israel’s attack on an apartment building in Ghazzah city on July 22, which killed Sheikh Salah Shehada and 15 other Palestinians, many of them children, was the latest in a long list of zionist atrocities against the Palestinians.


The art of sound in the world of Islam

Yusuf Al-Khabbaz

The Islamic rules and regulations governing the listening of music are among the most misunderstood in Islam. YUSUF AL-KHABBAZ discusses the issue...

Islamic Movement

Reflecting on ICIT/Crescent International conferences on the Seerah

Zafar Bangash

Last month, the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) announced that it is to hold an International Seerah Conference in Sri Lanka in October, two years after a similar conference in June 2000.

Occupied Arab World

America sounding drums of war against Iraq

Nasr Salem

War fever against Iraq has been growing in Washington and reached a peak that has not been seen since the Gulf War. The recent sabre-rattling issuing from America has led observers to speculate not about whether America will act against Iraq but when and how it will...

Occupied Arab World

Nature of zionists revealed by F-16 missile attack on apartment blocks

Zafar Bangash

In an act of characteristic barbarity, the Zionists killed 15 Palestinian civilians in a missile attack on an apartment building in Ghazzah late on July 22. Among the dead were nine children ranging in age from two months to 15 years...

South-East Asia

Scores killed in new wave of military terror in Aceh

A Correspondent in Singapore

Even as one of its most senior-ranking members faces the death penalty for crimes committed in East Timor, the Indonesian army has been unleashing a similar wave of terror in Aceh...

South-East Asia

Mixed by-election results reveal challenges facing Malaysia’s PAS

Abdar Rahman Koya

Both Malaysia’s ruling coalition, led by the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), and the opposition Islamic Party (PAS) got shocks in by-elections in two constituencies left vacant by the death of Fadzil Noor...


Africa’s expensive new Union launched in South Africa

Zawahir Siddique

Africa took a new turn on June 8, when the African Union (AU) was launched. Forty-three of the 53 rulers of the continent gathered to witness the birth of AU, which the rulers profess to hope will be a vehicle for democracy, good governance and prosperity.


Musharraf’s political acrobatics and flawed plans likely to achieve little in Pakistan

Zafar Bangash

General Pervez Musharraf is not the first Pakistani ruler to believe that he has a divine right, not only to rule, but also to rearrange the political system because he alone knows what is best for the country.


US pressure forces Sudan to accept peace deal totally biased in favour of SPLA

M.A. Shaikh

The peace deal signed on July 21 by the Sudanese government and the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA), the predominantly Christian rebel group that has been fighting Khartoum for 20 years...

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