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Dhu al-Hijjah, 14212001-03-16

Crescent International Vol. 30, No. 2

Book Review

Challenging the crisis of legitimacy in Western academic disciplines

Rahhalah Haqq

The Individualized Society by Zygmunt Bauman. Pub: Polity Press, Cambridge, UK / Polity Press, Malden, MA, USA, 2001. Pp. 259. Pbk: £14.99 / $24.95


The issue facing Muslims in the West


The West’s enmity to Islam was brought home to Muslims in Britain earlier this month, when the British government published its list of proscribed “terrorist” organizations, most Islamic or Muslim.


Turkey should take a leaf out of Switzerland’s European look

Crescent International

Switzerland, which is totally surrounded by European countries and has a population that is mostly Christian and speaks French and German, has overwhelmingly rejected accession talks with the European Union, at least for several years to come.

Islamic Movement

Imam Khamenei’s message of unity and solidarity to the Ummah

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

Following the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini (r.a.) established the tradition of issuing an annual Hajj message to the Ummah. This year, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei went for Hajj and issued his message from the Hijaz

Occupied Arab World

Turabi jailed as famous political instincts lead him down a false path

Our Own Correspondent

Always smooth, Dr Hassan al-Turabi, leader of Sudan’s opposition Popular National Congress (PNC), has been honing his skills lately. But the latest rabbit he pulled out of his turban, the alliance the PNC forged with the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), has landed him and scores of his supporters in prison.

Occupied Arab World

Powell’s Middle East tour reveals that there is little new about US’s regional policy under Bush

Abul Fadl

During his three-day Mideast tour last month, US secretary of state Colin Powell left no doubt about what the Bush administration has in store for Iraq and the region. Throughout his visit, Powell remained unrepentant about the recent American and British air-strikes on Iraq.

South-East Asia

Panicky Mahathir acts against street demonstrations after PAS snub

Abdar Rahman Koya

In what is seen as a sign of desperation by the Mahathir regime, Ezam Nor, a leading Malaysian political activist, was arrested on March 5 for his role in a series of well-attended street demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur over the last few months.

Special Reports

Dubious price-cutting must not let drug companies off the hook

Crescent International

Western pharmaceutical companies, which monopolise the right to fix the price of life-saving drugs throughout the world by patents protected by the World Trade Organization and governments, are facing new challenges that demand unprecedented concessions.

Special Reports

UCPMB-Macedonia: the latest powder-keg in the Balkans

Helena Bestakova

The west’s handling of the recent outburst of violence in south-eastern Serbia and north-western Macedonia has exposed what it stood for all along: to quash the aspirations of ethnic Albanians in the former Yugoslavia for independence and freedom...


New evidence of Russia’s continuing war-crimes in Chechnya

Crescent International

Mass-graves containing bodies of civilians executed in the last four months have been discovered near Russian military bases in Chechnya by a Moscow-based human-rights group.


Qaddafi makes slow progress towards a pan-African confederation

Abul Fadl

Amid continuing scepticism over the possibility of a pan-African confederation, some 40 heads of state and government have pledged to speed up the birth of an African union.


UK targets Muslim groups with new ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation

Faisal Bodi

Once the American experience had provided a foretaste of how terrorism legislation can be misused, it was a foregone conclusion that once the Terrorism Act came into force on 19 February, Muslim organisations would fall like dominoes under its impact.

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