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Safar, 14201999-06-01

Crescent International Vol. 28, No. 7

Book Review

The tragic truth of how African Muslims became the main victims of the west’s slave trade

Naeem-ul Haq

Dr Yusuf Progler’s review of the new, abridged edition of Allan D. Austin’s African Muslims in Anti-Bellum America (Crescent International, February 1-15, 1999) highlighted an issue of which few Muslims are aware.


Kosova: whither the Islamic movement?


NATO announced the commitment of 25,000 more troops to the Balkans on May 24, taking the number of troops available to enter Kosova ‘when the time is right’ to 50,000. The announcement was presented as a sign of the west’s resolve to go into Kosova if necessary.


The spiritual, intellectual and charismatic qualities of Imam Khomeini that transcended mere ‘politics’

Zafar Bangash

In an age when political leaders are packaged and promoted like detergents, the personality of Imam Khomeini stands out by miles. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest figures of contemporary history...


Palestine: from the river to Kosova

Ramzy Baroud

As confused as they have always been regarding their stance in world conflicts, many Muslims seem unable to form a coherent and comprehensible position on NATO’s bombardment of Yugoslavia

Occupied Arab World

Arab League and OAU mobilise against Islamic movements

Our Own Correspondent

The war being waged against Islamic activism in the Arab world and Africa has taken an ominous new turn last month as the Arab League’s ‘anti-terrorism’ pact goes into force and plans are put into place for the adoption of a similar treaty by the member-states of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU).

Occupied Arab World

No change for Muslims as Barak the nice guy takes over from Netanyahu the nasty

Iqbal Siddiqui

There was undoubtedly a certain satisfaction in watching the Israelis tearing into each other for a change, instead of tearing into Palestinians, Muslims and just about anybody else they don’t like. The election campaign which ended in Benyamin Netanyahu being conclusive defeated by Ehud Barak was vicious to say the least...

Occupied Arab World

Trapped in his father’s legacy, Jordan’s new king begs West for help

Our Own Correspondent

The extraordinary outpouring of international sympathy and goodwill at the death of King Hussain of Jordan last February, and the lavish promises of economic aid made at the time by western and oil-rich leaders have not yet been translated into reality.

Occupied Arab World

Khatami seeks to protect the Islamic State in Arab countries

Khalil Marwan

The constant in Middle Eastern politics is their inconsistancy. Alliances are made and broken regularly. Who would have imagined five years ago that Iran and Saudi Arabia could be discussing the possibility of a defence pact?

Occupied Arab World

Kuwaiti women given right to vote - by royal decree

Crescent International

Kuwait, the proud owner of the only elected parliament in the Arab Gulf states, has further consolidated its democratic credentials by giving Kuwaiti women the right to vote and to stand in parliamentary and municipal elections.

South-East Asia

Malaysian opposition parties struggle to seize the opening created by Mahathir’s campaign against Anwar

Abdar Rahman Koya

Politics in Malaysia is at a crossroads. The aftermath, or rather the aftershock of Anwar’s verdict, which virtually all Malaysians have now dismissed as a shameless show-trial, is still felt all over the country. The judgement, as Anwar himself described it, ‘stinks to high heaven’.


Sonia Gandhi survives as Congress splits over her leadership

Our Delhi Correspondent

Sonia Gandhi withdrew her resignation from the presidency of India’s Congress Party on May 24, after an eight-day hiatus which has strengthened her position but seriously weakened the party.


Indians forced to launch air operations against Kashmiri mujahideen in Kargil

Waseem Shehzad

Indian authorities admitted on May 26 that they have used aircraft to attack mujahideen controlling the area around Kargil, a town 220km northeast of Srinagar. It is the first time they have used aircraft against the mujahideen since the uprising began 10 years ago.


South Africa’s future uncertain as Thabo Mbeki takes over from Nelson Mandela

Our Correspondent in Pretoria

That the African National Congress (ANC) will win the June 2 elections in South Africa is not in doubt. But it is what will follow that worries most people.


Western ‘diplomats’ searching for missing US commandos on Pak-Afghan border

Zia Sarhadi

US foreign policy has been reduced to a three-point agenda in the post-cold war era: unquestioning support of Israel, daily bombings of Iraq, and chasing Osama bin Laden


Sierra Leone groups obliged to sign ceasefire

Crescent International

After seven years of vicious fighting and the failure of several mediation attempts, the warring factions in the west African state of Sierra Leone have finally agreed to a ceasefire - but only because of strong pressure exerted by the US, Britain, the United Nations and Nigeria. Washington’s role in the deal is said to have been the ‘clinching influence’.


US Supreme Court confirms government’s right to target Islamic activists

Tahir Mahmoud

On May 19, Dr Mazen el-Najjar, a Palestinian professor from Tampa, Florida, completed two years in an American jail for reasons he has never been told. He is the father of three American-born children.

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