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Jumada' al-Akhirah, 14181997-10-16

Crescent International Vol. 26, No. 16

Occupied Arab World

Murders, most foul and diabolical

Mustapha Shirazi

At least 300 people were massacred on the night of 28-29 August 1997 at Rais, in the Sidi Moussa area, near the capital city of Algiers. The night before, over 50 people were decapitated in Blida, in the vicinity of Algiers.

Occupied Arab World

Internationalization moves mask support for Algerian junta

Our North Africa Correspondent

The countries of southern Europe, which fear the fall-out from the mounting violence in their neighbour across the Mediterranean sea, and Arab dictators unneved by the continued failure of an Arab regime to quell an Islamic challenge, are manoevring to intervene through dubious offers of mediation,...

Occupied Arab World

Husain, Mossad colluded in bid on life of Hamas political chief

Khalil Marwan, Zafarul Islam Khan

The attempted assassination of Khalid Meshal, the political bureau chief of Hamas, in Amman, Jordan, on September 25 was undertaken by the Israeli terrorist group, Mossad with the knowledge of king Husain of Jordan...

South-East Asia

Mahathir’s political blunder by tying his future to solving currency crisis

Our Southeast Asia Correspondent

Prime minister Mahathir Mohamed of Malaysia may have made a strategic political blunder by tying his political future to solving the deepening currency and stockmarket crisis. He has thus handed his detractors the opportunity to undermine his position.

South-East Asia

Corruption and Malaysia Inc.

MGG Pillai

The economic miracle, now mired in political, economic, financial and ecological setbacks, was to foster a Malaysia Inc, that would lead to a Valhalla of an industrialised Malaysia in 2020.

Special Reports

The world and beyond is a garbage dump for Uncle Sam’s poison

J A Progler

The trilateral ruling elite of America, Europe and Japan is in a quandary. Their industrial-based civilization has created tons of extremely toxic wastes. Many are by-products of cold war military industries. America and Russia currently lead the pack in nuclear waste.

Special Reports

Hizbullah, the Party of God, puts the fear of God in the followers of Satan

Zafar Bangash

Lebanon has become a graveyard for the Zionists. Thanks to the Hizbullah’s courageous resistance, the Zionist occupiers and their South Lebanese Army (SLA) surrogates have been dealt repeated blows sending them into panicked frenzy.


Chasing the Bhutto billions

Zia Sarhadi

Even the most ardent admirers of Benazir Bhutto do not deny that the former first family plundered the country’s wealth. Their defence of Benazir and her husband, Asif Ali Zardari, an even bigger crook, is that it is nothing uncommon.


Contrast in treatment of two murder suspects: one a Muslim, the other a Jew

Waseem Shehzad

If Mir Aimal Kansi were of Jewish origin, he would not be sitting in a Virginia County jail today. Kansi’s problem is that he has the wrong religion even if he does not take it seriously. As for his looks, he could perhaps pass for an East European Jew.

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