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News & Analysis

Qur’an-burning Episodes Reflect anti-Islam Animus of Western Politicians

Khadijah Ali

Ramadan 30, 14432022-05-01

The hatred of western politicians toward Islam and Muslims is reflected in their sacrilegious acts of Qur’an-burning. While such acts arouse the Muslims’ deep anguish, deep down they represent the pathetic intolerant state of western politics.

Week In Review

Corporate Media Continues to Misrepresent Sweden’s COVID-19 Approach

Dhu al-Qa'dah 23, 14412020-07-14

Week In Review

Sweden’s novel approach to dealing with the coronavirus 

Sha'ban 18, 14412020-04-12

Week In Review

Sweden & Coronavirus

Rajab 25, 14412020-03-20

News & Analysis

Saudis buy more arms even while income falls

Ayman Ahmed

Safar 01, 14382016-11-01

Gripped by multiple crises, the Bani Saud think buying more weapons from the West would get them security. This is likely to hasten their downfall.

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