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Week In Review

Sweden’s novel approach to dealing with the coronavirus 

Sweden is continuing to use an alternative approach to combat the spread of coronavirus. Swedes are insisting that their approach to avoid a total shut down of their country as the primary method of containing COVID-19 is the only effective way to continue the battle against the pandemic.

On April 9 NPR reported that “Imperial College in London, which has been a very influential place when it comes to setting government policy in response to coronavirus found that a long-term lockdown was not necessarily the best decision for public health… Another recent study from Harvard's Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases found that a long lockdown was less effective at dealing with pandemics than shorter, more-targeted social distancing measures.”

Since most countries have adopted a knee-jerk policy to coronavirus, Sweden’s approach will most likely be put-down and mocked. If successful, Sweden’s approach will make policymakers elsewhere look incompetent.

Courtesy: NPR, National Review

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