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Keyword: Mujahideen-e Khalq Organization (MKO)

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Terrorists Aid US Policy Objectives

Zafar Bangash

Dhu al-Qa'dah 19, 14392018-08-01

Despite media hype about the terrorist threat, the US itself is the biggest sponsor of terrorist outfits ranging from al Qaeda, al-Nusra Front, ISIS and the Mujahideen-e Khalq Organization (aka Munafiqeen).

Daily News Analysis

Foreign agents turning concern over rising food prices into anti-government protests

Crescent International

Rabi' al-Thani 11, 14392017-12-30

Protests by a few dozen people—even the British propaganda mouthpiece the BBC admitted that they were no more than a hundred or so (BBC World news, December 30)—are being projected as being against the government and the Islamic system.

Islamic Movement

Secret of Islamic Iran’s success

Tahir Mustafa

Jumada' al-Ula' 04, 14382017-02-01

The Islamic Republic of Iran has survived 38 years of sabotage, wars and sanctions and still made immense progress because of the commitment of its leaders to the values of Islam and support of its masses. Taqwa has been institutionalized in the Islamic Republic making it impregnable to the enemies’ conspiracies.

Daily News Analysis

Bani Saud openly side with terrorists against Iran

Crescent International

Shawwal 06, 14372016-07-11

The Najdi Bedouins are so consumed by hatred of Islamic Iran that they have openly embraced the well known terrorist group, the Mujahideen-e Khalq organization (MKO) better known as Munafiqeen. This was evident at a Paris rally on July 9 that the group organized at which the former Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Turki al-Faisal also spoke, calling for the overthrow of the Islamic government in Iran.

Editor's Desk

America’s favorite terrorist outfit: the MKO


Dhu al-Hijjah 16, 14332012-11-01

The Mujahideen-e Khalq Organization (MKO) is one of America’s favourite terrorist outfits. It was de-listed from the State Department list last month after sustained lobbying efforts and bribing many congressmen/women, former spy chiefs as well as generals in the US. The tale is quite sordid.

Daily News Analysis

MKO: the US’s favourite terrorist outfit

Crescent International

Dhu al-Qa'dah 12, 14332012-09-29

The MKO has been responsible for hundreds of terrorist acts in Iran during the decade of the eighties in which some 17,000 Iranian officials and civilians were murdered by this gang of criminals.

Main Stories

“Green revolution” fizzles out in Iran

Yusuf Abdullah

Rajab 08, 14302009-07-01

Despite US President Barack Obama’s claims of non-involvement in Iran’s affairs, few people believe that the US was an innocent bystander in the recent riots in Tehran.The US not only has a long history of interfering in Iran’s internal affairs, these intensified during former President George Bush’s era.


US and Europe offer new nuclear proposals after Iran refuses to cave in to threats

Zia Sarhadi

Jumada' al-Akhirah 05, 14272006-07-01

After making a grand retreat from the deliberately contrived nuclear standoff with Iran that even its close allies had found distasteful, US officials still continue to behave as if everyone must snap to attention whenever they click their fingers. This was again seen on June 21, when US president Bush was in Vienna for talks with European rulers.


Canadian government uses Kazemi case to attack Iran

Zafar Bangash

Jumada' al-Akhirah 14, 14252004-08-01

Canadian officials, egged on by virulently anti-Muslim media and secular Muslims, are in a lather about the case of one Zahra Kazemi, who died in a hospital in Tehran last year...


FBI confiscates Muslim family’s assets

Waseem Shehzad

Rabi' al-Awwal 07, 14191998-07-01

Rapists, muggers, thieves and murderers all have their rights protected under American law. This right, however, does not extend to Muslims who show any sympathy for their suffering brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.

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