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Keyword: Kurdistan

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The Kurdish dilemma


Safar 12, 14392017-11-01

By allowing themselves to be used by such unsavory characters as the imperialists and Zionists, the Kurds have undermined their own cause. They have only themselves to blame for their misfortunes.

Special Reports

The Kurds versus the Prophet’s Covenants

John Andrew Morrow

Safar 12, 14392017-11-01

The same forces are at work to ‘create’ Kurdistan that implanted the Zionist monstrosity in the Muslim East.

Editor's Desk

The ME’s unexploded time bomb: ‘Independent’ Kurdistan


Dhu al-Hijjah 10, 14382017-09-01

With the failure of imperialist-Zionist instigated mayhem in the Muslim East, their attention has now turned to use the Kurds for their nefarious agenda. Will the Kurds fall into this trap and cause more chaos and confusion?

Showing 1-3 of 3

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